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In this beloved study, Tommy Nelson looks to Song of Solomon to show us that how you handle romantic relationships will change you, for better or for worse.

Used and loved throughout the world, the Song of Solomon series with pastor Tommy Nelson teaches the Biblical design for relationships. For both singles and married couples, this exegetical study follows Solomon’s relationship from attraction to dating and courtship, marriage and intimacy, to resolving conflict, keeping romance alive, and committing to the end.

In Session One, “The Art of Attraction,” Nelson helps us see that beauty that’s only skin deep will not produce deep love. Whether looking for a spouse or loving a spouse, we will learn that what’s attractive in God’s mind increases over time, focuses on internal characteristics, and can be attained by anyone.

Use this Free Session for personal reflection or for group discussion as you look to God’s best for love, marriage, sex and romance.

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Song of Solomon, Tommy Nelson, and Favorite Valentine’s Day Idea

Friends –

Every one of us needs help at Valentine’s Day. Occassionaly, a few of us really knock it out of the park. But, truthfully, most men just get so paralyzed but what to do, we do nothing at all. And when you do nothing at all, you don’t get ‘nothing at all’ – you actually potentially lose it all.

It was in 1994 the very first time I heard Tommy Nelson from Denton Bible Church teach on The Song of Solomon. My life was forever changed. Fast forward one year, and in May of 1995 I am married to the love of my life and my best friend, Carrie, and we are sitting together listening to Song of Solomon a second time, and this time we had bee married for just over 2 months.

You see, the very first time I heard Song of Solomon was January of 1994 and I was leading a bible study called Metro Bible Study in Dallas at Prestonwood Baptist Church. We were expecting about 600 people that first Monday night and before you knew it there were 900 and within the 6 weeks to the final lesson we were passed fire code at 2000 plus. Only God, and maybe His truth on love, dating and sex perhaps could do something like that!

The Song of Solomon and it’s teaching has had an immearsurable impact around the world. It has impacted millions, both married and single, and it challenged and encouraged thousands of pastors to preach on this book of scripture that had been basically censored for 2000 years. I would almost bet, that any preacher who has preached on it since 1995 has used Tommy’s teaching, either by the video or audio, or The Book of Romance by Thomas Nelson as a reference guide.

Here are a few of may favorite things about Song of Solomon by Tommy Nelson:
1. It’s Biblcial – it is a verse by verse Bible Study. I have watched people’s eyes and lives over 150 times as Tommy has taught this and something magical, spiritual happens when people connect God is a positive way to love and sexuality. Yes, actually God is the inventor of sex and He is quite proud of it. It is the world and satan who has deceived us to at a minimum confuse us, if not to poison it completely for many.
2. It’s funny. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. This subject gets so intenese, so intimate, without humor it would just get downright creepy. The laugher opens our heart for the Holy Spirit to then convict with shame, but with true conviction.
3. It’s redemptive. There is so much scar tissue the entire world has around sexuality and relationships and there always will be. God is never expecting perfection from us, so we must believe and know that no matter what you have gone through, God’s plan is to forgive you and heal you. Yes there is hard work on our part generally, but no shame, only healing conviction and instruction.
4. The teaching on Song of Solomon by Tommy Nelson is just so practical. It doesn’t live in theory, it is real, honest, and hepful tools.
5. It is one of the single, greatest pre – marital teaching resource or marriage intervention teaching resource I have ever seen.
6. And finally, it will be all new and all Live this February!

Tommy will teach live every Tuesday night in February from 7 – 8PM CST. It will be available On Demand each Wednesday by 10AM. So, get your friends together at the house or apartment, make 4 dates with your spouse or if you are a church leader, bring in one of the worlds most beloved and gifted communicators for a 4 week series for less than the cost of one plane ticket.

LEARN MORE ABOUT LIVE WITH TOMMY AND SONG OF SOLOMON: http://www.gotothehub.com/live-events/tommy-nelson-live-online-teaching/

As I started this blog, husband, wife, single, what will you do this February to invest in the single greatest relationship on earth, given by God? Make your plans now – whatever God lays on your heart and mind to do.

Bless you and thanks for your time!

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Reaching Out to Make Amends

Once Solomon’s wife renewed within her mind a right attitude and a loving perspective toward her husband, she went in search of Solomon.  That’s why the daughters of Jerusalem asked,

Where has your beloved gone,
O fairest among women?
Where has your beloved turned aside,
That we may seek him with you? (Song 6:1)

She had a desire to find Solomon and to make things right.  At that point, others were not perceived as hindering her, shaming her, or hurting her; rather, they were volunteering to help her.  Her conscience was clear.  Her instincts were alive and functioning toward reconciliation.  God was again working with her to find and recover what she had rejected.

My Question For You:

When it is time to make amends, do you seek out your spouse?

My Challenge For You:

After a conflict, when your mind and perspective are right regarding your spouse, go and seek them out to make things right.

Want to watch the SOS Tommy Nelson Study? You can buy the DVD Series here or Rent one Session at a Time here.

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Ruth Contest Winners!

We have good news and then…well, good news! We have chosen a name for Ruth! Ready….

Your God. My God.
A True Story of Love & Redemption

Now, this was no one person’s entry. It is a combination of Carrie Hudson, Tommy Nelson, John Vines…from City Church…and who knows else:) So, we have decided to reward 3 of you who have made name suggestions. Here they are:

John Vines – A Story of Redemption
Nathan – Redeeming Love (this was a contender!)
Ruth – well Ruth…for obvious reasons:)

So, shoot us an email at info@gotothehub.com and you have just won a DVD Box Set of your choice, and on August 23, 2010 when Ruth ships, a Box Set of Ruth.

Congrats and thanks to all for your prayers and suggestions. Please be praying for Ruth and that God’s message of redemption, character, finding God’s will and other key elements from this series will changes lives today, and forever.

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The Response to Her Husband

After reviewing the qualities of her husband as listed in Song of Solomon 5:10-16 Solomon’s wife concluded:

“He is altogether lovely.  He is everything I want in a husband.”

God truly changed her heart, as her husband was kind in the face of wrong.  In the light of her newly awakened awareness of all the good qualities in her husband, she had a strong desire to be the wife he longed to have.

The woman is a fine example of what God does in transforming a person’s attitude.  First, she begins to see things in a new light.  She begins to see the good that has escaped her before.  She sees her mate as God sees her mate!  When that happens, compassion rises in her heart.  And in the wake of compassion, she feels a desire for renewed intimacy and closeness of communication.

My Question For You: Do you look at your mate through God’s eyes or through your own.

My Challenge For You: The next time you are working through conflict with your spouse, change the way you view your spouse and see how that changes things.

Want to watch the SOS Tommy Nelson Study? You can buy the DVD Series here or Rent one Session at a Time here.

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Specific Good Qualities to Have in a Marriage – (Part 2)

These are some of Solomon’s features that his wife called to her mind and praised (see Song of Solomon 5:14-16):

He was strong in authority. A king’s position was often revealed by the side jeweled bands of gold that he wore on each arm, a sign of his strength in leadership over a nation, people, or empire.  Solomon had great bearing in his role as king.

He was a “manly man” to his wife, strong in leadership and authority in their relationship. That in no way left room for abuse.  I have counseled women who have come to me with bruises on their arms and faces.  I want to amputate the arms of the men who have hurt them!  Solomon was strong in authority, but he was never a bully.  He led by example, not by demand.

He was spiritually strong. Strength of spirit was—and continues to be—associated with strength in the abdominal area.  The “belly” area has long been considered by the Jewish people to be the locus of one’s eternal spirit.  Solomon exerted spiritual leadership in their home.

He as like a strong rock, a marble statue that could not be moved readily.  Furthermore, the statue was set on a base of gold.  Solomon’s character was established on eternal things of utmost value.  In the eyes of his wife, Solomon was grounded on the Word of God, and he could not be moved from his position before the Lord.

He was physically strong. Physical strength is repeatedly associated with a person’s legs and the ability to stand strong in the face of assault, battle, or calamity.

He stood tall on the inside as well as the outside, just as the cedars of Lebanon grew to great heights and were among the noblest of trees.  Solomon had a bearing about him of self-confidence and self-esteem because he knew who he was in God’s eyes.

His words were spoken with kindness—his mouth was a source of sweetness toward her.

We’ll see her response to the qualities next week.

My Question For You: Which of the qualities described above do you display to your spouse?

My Challenge For You: Pick one of the qualities listed above that you need to work on and make an effort to exhibit to your spouse.

Want to watch the SOS Tommy Nelson Study? You can buy the DVD Series here or Rent one Session at a Time here.

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Behind the scenes at filming of Ruth

We have just completed our filming on the book of Ruth with Tommy Nelson. We are pumped. Tommy, Senior Pastor of Denton Bible Church, and long time teacher for The Hub did an amazing job.

This was a special filming for many reasons. The book, this picture of Ruth, her character, the model she is, and then the raw love story behind her and Boaz and then the picture of Christ redeeming us, just like Boaz redeemed Ruth. All the ingredients for the ultimate Hollywood Classic.

Also, the location. Wow, City Church International, www.citychurchintl.org, is a very special place both in architecture and more importantly the body of Christ that fills that building.  The building is a 1917 church built by the Congregationalist. Very European in its wood work and amazingly unchanged these past 93 years.

Here is just one of the behind scenes pics we will start to release.

As for a dad, that’s me, the dude with all the gray hair, but more importantly, that is my oldest daughter, KK, who wanted a ‘work day’ with dad. Of course this work day lasted until about 2AM! You can’t tell it here, but she is actually asleep standing up.

Ruth will release on August 23, 2010. Be praying for Matt Coleman, www.unblindproductions.com, as he does post and graphic work on the project.

Also, if you want to suggest a tag line and chance to win a free DVD Box Set of Ruth, click here.

Blessings on you!

Doug Hudson

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Create a Tag Line for Ruth and Win

We have just finished filming our next Bible Study on the Book of Ruth featuring Tommy Nelson. It will release on August 23, 2010 and we want your help creating a tagline. Example Taglines: Ruth | A Picture of Christ or The Book of Ruth | Where You Go, I Go.

If we pick your tag line, then you get to pick any of our studies absolutely free and receive a copy of the Book of Ruth when it comes out.

Contest ends June 4th and all you need to do to win is enter your suggestion in the comment box below.

Enter as many times as you want. Void where prohibited. Must be 18 years old to enter.

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Tommy Nelson – Specific Good Qualities to Have in a Marriage

These are some of Solomon’s features that his wife called to her mind and praised (see Song of Solomon 5:10-13):

  • He was pure in his motives and behaviors toward her.  Repeatedly she referred to him as white, including white as ivory and white as marble.
  • He was extremely handsome—more handsome even than ten-thousand other men combined.
  • His head (in this case his mind) was filled with wisdom more valuable than gold.
  • He was respected even though he was youthful.  His hair was black, with no evidence of the weakness of age.  Sin is often pictured in the Bible as the weakness of aging. (see Hosea 7:9.)
  • He was gentle; his eyes were soft and tender toward her.
  • He was sober.  The whites of his eyes were white, not reddened by alcohol or debauched living.
  • He had a steadfast gaze and clear outlook toward her.  His eyes were “fitly set,” which means they were wide open and focused on her.  He saw her, and her alone, among all other women.  It is also a reference to the fact that Solomon did not have a shifty look in his eyes; his eyes did not narrow in anger or mistrust, they never openly flared in anger, and they were never bored into dullness.  They were eyes of immutable kindness and unchanging blessing toward her.
  • He was compassionate toward her.  When he held her in his arms, cheek to cheek, there was a sweetness in his expression of love.  When he kissed her, he did so tenderly and sweetly.  He dealt with her in a forgiving, tender, romantic, and loving way at all times.

We’ll cover some more next week.

My Question For You:

Which of the qualities described above do you display to your spouse?

My Challenge For You:

Pick one of the qualities listed above that you need to work on and make an effort to exhibit to your spouse.

Want to watch the SOS Tommy Nelson Study? You can buy the DVD Series here or Rent one Session at a Time here.

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