After reviewing the qualities of her husband as listed in Song of Solomon 5:10-16 Solomon’s wife concluded:

“He is altogether lovely.  He is everything I want in a husband.”

God truly changed her heart, as her husband was kind in the face of wrong.  In the light of her newly awakened awareness of all the good qualities in her husband, she had a strong desire to be the wife he longed to have.

The woman is a fine example of what God does in transforming a person’s attitude.  First, she begins to see things in a new light.  She begins to see the good that has escaped her before.  She sees her mate as God sees her mate!  When that happens, compassion rises in her heart.  And in the wake of compassion, she feels a desire for renewed intimacy and closeness of communication.

My Question For You: Do you look at your mate through God’s eyes or through your own.

My Challenge For You: The next time you are working through conflict with your spouse, change the way you view your spouse and see how that changes things.

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