These are some of Solomon’s features that his wife called to her mind and praised (see Song of Solomon 5:14-16):

He was strong in authority. A king’s position was often revealed by the side jeweled bands of gold that he wore on each arm, a sign of his strength in leadership over a nation, people, or empire.  Solomon had great bearing in his role as king.

He was a “manly man” to his wife, strong in leadership and authority in their relationship. That in no way left room for abuse.  I have counseled women who have come to me with bruises on their arms and faces.  I want to amputate the arms of the men who have hurt them!  Solomon was strong in authority, but he was never a bully.  He led by example, not by demand.

He was spiritually strong. Strength of spirit was—and continues to be—associated with strength in the abdominal area.  The “belly” area has long been considered by the Jewish people to be the locus of one’s eternal spirit.  Solomon exerted spiritual leadership in their home.

He as like a strong rock, a marble statue that could not be moved readily.  Furthermore, the statue was set on a base of gold.  Solomon’s character was established on eternal things of utmost value.  In the eyes of his wife, Solomon was grounded on the Word of God, and he could not be moved from his position before the Lord.

He was physically strong. Physical strength is repeatedly associated with a person’s legs and the ability to stand strong in the face of assault, battle, or calamity.

He stood tall on the inside as well as the outside, just as the cedars of Lebanon grew to great heights and were among the noblest of trees.  Solomon had a bearing about him of self-confidence and self-esteem because he knew who he was in God’s eyes.

His words were spoken with kindness—his mouth was a source of sweetness toward her.

We’ll see her response to the qualities next week.

My Question For You: Which of the qualities described above do you display to your spouse?

My Challenge For You: Pick one of the qualities listed above that you need to work on and make an effort to exhibit to your spouse.

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