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Song of Solomon, Tommy Nelson, and Favorite Valentine’s Day Idea

Friends –

Every one of us needs help at Valentine’s Day. Occassionaly, a few of us really knock it out of the park. But, truthfully, most men just get so paralyzed but what to do, we do nothing at all. And when you do nothing at all, you don’t get ‘nothing at all’ – you actually potentially lose it all.

It was in 1994 the very first time I heard Tommy Nelson from Denton Bible Church teach on The Song of Solomon. My life was forever changed. Fast forward one year, and in May of 1995 I am married to the love of my life and my best friend, Carrie, and we are sitting together listening to Song of Solomon a second time, and this time we had bee married for just over 2 months.

You see, the very first time I heard Song of Solomon was January of 1994 and I was leading a bible study called Metro Bible Study in Dallas at Prestonwood Baptist Church. We were expecting about 600 people that first Monday night and before you knew it there were 900 and within the 6 weeks to the final lesson we were passed fire code at 2000 plus. Only God, and maybe His truth on love, dating and sex perhaps could do something like that!

The Song of Solomon and it’s teaching has had an immearsurable impact around the world. It has impacted millions, both married and single, and it challenged and encouraged thousands of pastors to preach on this book of scripture that had been basically censored for 2000 years. I would almost bet, that any preacher who has preached on it since 1995 has used Tommy’s teaching, either by the video or audio, or The Book of Romance by Thomas Nelson as a reference guide.

Here are a few of may favorite things about Song of Solomon by Tommy Nelson:
1. It’s Biblcial – it is a verse by verse Bible Study. I have watched people’s eyes and lives over 150 times as Tommy has taught this and something magical, spiritual happens when people connect God is a positive way to love and sexuality. Yes, actually God is the inventor of sex and He is quite proud of it. It is the world and satan who has deceived us to at a minimum confuse us, if not to poison it completely for many.
2. It’s funny. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. This subject gets so intenese, so intimate, without humor it would just get downright creepy. The laugher opens our heart for the Holy Spirit to then convict with shame, but with true conviction.
3. It’s redemptive. There is so much scar tissue the entire world has around sexuality and relationships and there always will be. God is never expecting perfection from us, so we must believe and know that no matter what you have gone through, God’s plan is to forgive you and heal you. Yes there is hard work on our part generally, but no shame, only healing conviction and instruction.
4. The teaching on Song of Solomon by Tommy Nelson is just so practical. It doesn’t live in theory, it is real, honest, and hepful tools.
5. It is one of the single, greatest pre – marital teaching resource or marriage intervention teaching resource I have ever seen.
6. And finally, it will be all new and all Live this February!

Tommy will teach live every Tuesday night in February from 7 – 8PM CST. It will be available On Demand each Wednesday by 10AM. So, get your friends together at the house or apartment, make 4 dates with your spouse or if you are a church leader, bring in one of the worlds most beloved and gifted communicators for a 4 week series for less than the cost of one plane ticket.

LEARN MORE ABOUT LIVE WITH TOMMY AND SONG OF SOLOMON: http://www.gotothehub.com/live-events/tommy-nelson-live-online-teaching/

As I started this blog, husband, wife, single, what will you do this February to invest in the single greatest relationship on earth, given by God? Make your plans now – whatever God lays on your heart and mind to do.

Bless you and thanks for your time!

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Texas artist creates 2014 calendar to help feed kids in Kenya

What started out as a simple Christmas gift for a friend, has turned into a movement to pray, feed and serve 500 kids in the Kibera slums in Kenya by January 15th. Each of us looks at a calendar everyday, now there is the opportunity to purchase this limited edition calendar and put it on your kitchen table, desk, by your TV, or wherever you or your family gather. The purchase of this calendar provides an opportunity to enjoy the charming artwork and a reminder to pray for a child who is in a real world struggle for the basics of life, and certainly the need for Jesus, a need we all share.order-button2

Kenya yellow jacket

In the Kibera slum in Kenya one million people are crammed into an area of about one square mile. Most of the structures are shacks made out of whatever they can find. The average size of homes here is about 9 feet by 9 feet. But what makes it more shocking is that most of the homes have 8 or more people living in them. There is absolutely no indoor plumbing; and access to clean water is limited.

There is a stream of sewage that runs through Kibera. The sanitation problem is one of reasons one in nine children in Kenya die before age 5. Other major causes of death here are diarrhea, Hepatitis A, AIDS, and malaria.

It is not uncommon for families to spend their entire lives and never leave the slums.

Lindsey Nobles, Director of Conference, Speakers, and Social Media Fundraising for Feed The Children



The Hub has partnered with Feed the Children and a local Texas artist to create these limited edition handmade calendars. With each purchase, Feed the Children will receive ten percent to support their work in feeding over 195,000 meals per day in the Kibera slums and Kenya. Each printed calendar includes a recycled Christmas tree “stump stand” that has been wood burned with the name of a child who lives in this impoverished community and is being cared for and supported by Feed the Children every day.

There are only 500 limited edition prints, each numbered, so be sure to provide you and your family with the opportunity to enjoy each month’s artwork and pray for your child and their families.

The details:

  1. Limited to the first 500 orders, each print is numbered by the artist
  2. Order between 12/15 – 1/15, or until they are sold out
  3. Orders will ship between 10-15 days after order is placed
  4. Learn more about Feed the Children at www.ftc.org
  5. Is this a Christmas gift? Download this PDF picture in case it won’t make it under the tree in time!
  6. See the list of children you will be supporting and praying for!

Just so you are aware of the quality and the breadth of the work that Feed The Children offer, they provide relief in Kibera in four major areas:

  • Food and Nutrition
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Health and Education
  • Livelihood Development

To learn more about Feed the Children and the amazing and real work they are involved with, please visit our friends at www.feedthechildren.org

order-button2Thank you from The Hub, Feed The Children and the families in Kibera for your generosity and we hope that you enjoy the 2014 Calendar Art and Prayer Calendar.


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Twitter or Facebook & Win

Social Network with Us!

Follow us on twitter @gotothehub or friend us on Facebook at TheHub between 3/2 and 3/5 and be one of 3 people to win Tommy Nelson’s CD Set and Study Guide on Ecclesiastes called, A Life Well Lived.

We will twitter and facebook the winners on 3/7 at 4PM CST.

Good luck!

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Behind the scenes at filming of Ruth

We have just completed our filming on the book of Ruth with Tommy Nelson. We are pumped. Tommy, Senior Pastor of Denton Bible Church, and long time teacher for The Hub did an amazing job.

This was a special filming for many reasons. The book, this picture of Ruth, her character, the model she is, and then the raw love story behind her and Boaz and then the picture of Christ redeeming us, just like Boaz redeemed Ruth. All the ingredients for the ultimate Hollywood Classic.

Also, the location. Wow, City Church International, www.citychurchintl.org, is a very special place both in architecture and more importantly the body of Christ that fills that building.  The building is a 1917 church built by the Congregationalist. Very European in its wood work and amazingly unchanged these past 93 years.

Here is just one of the behind scenes pics we will start to release.

As for a dad, that’s me, the dude with all the gray hair, but more importantly, that is my oldest daughter, KK, who wanted a ‘work day’ with dad. Of course this work day lasted until about 2AM! You can’t tell it here, but she is actually asleep standing up.

Ruth will release on August 23, 2010. Be praying for Matt Coleman, www.unblindproductions.com, as he does post and graphic work on the project.

Also, if you want to suggest a tag line and chance to win a free DVD Box Set of Ruth, click here.

Blessings on you!

Doug Hudson

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Jesus' Easter

Jesus cried out, “It is finished.”

Darkness fell over the whole land.
The veil in the temple was split from top to bottom.
The earth shook.

“Certainly this man was innocent.”

“Woman, why are you weeping?”….she turned and Jesus was standing there…..

“Peace be with you.” He showed them His hands and His side.

“Blessed are those who did not see, and believed.”

“Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name.”

“For by grace you have been saved thru faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God;not as a result of works, that no one should boast.” Ephesians 2:8

Jesus was crucified on the very cross that He carried. He allowed it. He allowed it for you.

Jesus rose from the dead. He rose for you.

Believe Today

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The Prayer at Gethsemane

When we look at Christ’s prayer in the garden of Gethsemane, we can’t help but notice the anguish that Jesus is going through. Christ in these dark hours, with the cross looming before Him. We can learn so much from His prayer, but His words,”not My will, but Yours be done,” is where we always need to land.
We can pray and ask God for the desires of our heart, but in this, we must come to the end of ourselves. With this, we embrace His hand and allow His will to become our will. He always desires to lead us. We only must be willing to submit to make His will our will. Then, we have the privilege of watching Him be glorified.

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God's Love in The City of Angels

On Valentine’s Day in LA  there were two premieres: The Valentine’s Day movie and Truth According to God on Love, Sex, and Marriage. In downtown LA on Broadway, the heart of culture influencing media, the gospel of Jesus Christ and His design for romantic relationships was communicated.

Pastor Mark Driscoll shared from the Bible, his heart, and his experience as a pastor on how God is the creator of our bodies and souls and just how messed up our lives can get when we try and figure out sex and marriage on our own.  If we base our lives on the world’s advice, or anything other than Christ and His Word, true fulfillment in relationships and sex will never be ours.  Sex is good, not gross. Sex is pure in the sight of God and encouraged by his very direct words in Song of Solomon: “Drink friends and imbibe deeply.”

Marriage between one woman and one man is greatness, and it takes a lot of work.  A poignant quote from Pastor Mark to the women: “Single ladies, if he will not work to get you, what makes you think he will work to keep you?”

Most men want the ladies to do all the work, or perhaps the man is willing to work to get her, but then he says, “I got her, now it is back to my career.”

The underlying theme throughout the day can be summed up in these two lines: God is the author and creator of life, sexuality and marriage, not the world, so stop looking to others who are just as flawed as we are.

Secondly, in marriage, be a Servant Lover.  Marriage is based upon unselfishness.  Therefore, in sexuality, in money, in raising kids, in all areas, be a servant.  If you will by God’s strength and power set out to be a servant lover, chances are you will be just as fulfilled as your spouse who you have been faithfully loving and serving.

God is with you in your situation no matter what the cirucumstances look like at this very moment.  There is hope and there is redemption for Los Angeles  and the world.

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A Full House: A Recap of SOS Conference St. Paul Minnesota

Minneapolis/St. Paul, you sure know how to heat up your city. When we arrived that night it was a low of -6. Of course, just another day in the neighborhood for you guys. Brrr!

How tough are you? Outside my hotel there was an OUTDOOR concert, a band playing 80’s cover tunes, in that weather. Now, I can tell you that the crowd wasn’t quite Woodstock like, but still, that is what I call hard-core and committed to fun.

On Saturday at the St. Paul River Centre, over 2,000 people came to hear Pastor Mark Driscoll teach about love, marriage, dating and sex. As Mark stated…”in a place where you spend a lot of time indoors, if you are married, or going to get married someday, this is a ‘life skill’ you better get good at, because you are going to have plenty of time.”

The day was amazing, the stories told by attendees were tough, but filled with hope. Our prayer partners prayed with nearly 50-60 people afterward. It was a great conference, it blessed us and we hope it was a blessing to those that attended.

This comment sums it up best and was left on our site just a couple of days ago:

What Mark said about Engedi at the conference in Minneapolis this week really affected us. We have been in a variety of co-sleeping arrangements with our four kids for almost all of our 7 years of marriage. At times it was necessary for us to get any sleep. We have faced huge trials as a couple, most recently surviving cancer (me), losing a baby, and dealing with a life-threatening – and altering – illness in one of our small children. However, Mark’s teaching was the kick in the pants we needed to change our sleep situation. In two days, we have instituted a new sleeping arrangement and routines for everyone in the house, and we have hope – like Doug promised in one of the opening sessions – that God will use our prayerful decision to bless everyone in the house, our kids included.  Thanks for helping us establish Engedi in our home – we already love it!

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Debt Kills Intimacy

When a marriage is strapped with debt, I can almost bet you that the couple is having less intimacy, joy and sex.  Sex inside marriage takes energy.  Debt kills energy.

The old proverb, “the best things in life are free” is correct, but somehow our pride, and this culture, tells us we need more.  Bigger house-bigger payment.  Newer car-bigger payment. More toys-bigger payment. Private education-bigger payment. I am not saying that any of these in and of themselves is a bad thing, even God said in John 10:10 “…that he came that we might have life to the full”, but I don’t think he meant full of things.   If you are spending more than you earn, then you are beginning the process of setting a noose for your marriage.

Debt and finances are consistently ranked 1, 2, or 3 at the top of reasons for divorce and divorce first hurts you, then it hurts your kids. What we really want and need is not anything more, bigger, newer, more exclusive, more expensive.  What we need is a fun, lively, honest, secure, laughter-filled relationship.

What your kids need is not newer shoes or the latest gadget.  They need mom and dad enjoying each other, not stressed to the max with debt.

I know this falls into that category of easy to say and hard to live, but don’t most things that make life worth living fall into that category?

So, pray and do what it takes to get out of debt.  I guarantee you the ‘intimacy’ will be better and more often.

God is with You.

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Haiti, How Can I Help?

Words don’t express the pain that humans, created by God, are experiencing in Haiti. And, now a second earthquake. I am not angry at God, but I can’t say I understand these times either. Some people say, Jesus, come back now.

I think yes, but then I think of those who don’t know Him yet, and as Tommy Nelson once said, “Aren’t all Christians grateful that Christ did not come back the day before we were saved?”

It is hard to comprehend all of this tragedy. Mark Driscoll travels there and witnesses a teenage boy being shot and killed. My 13 year old daughter is trying to process all this at dinner time last night and she cried for people she has never met. “God, I believe, help my unbelief” is what Christ said through the Apostle Paul.

So, this begs the response, what should I do? What can you do? Generally it comes down to a few basic things:

  • Pray.
  • Go.
  • Give money.

At The Hub, 20% of all online sales through February 1, 2010 will be donated to Haiti.  All monies will be donated to www.churcheshelpingchurches.com To whom much is given, much is required.

God is with Haiti, and their people, even when we don’t understand.

Doug Hudson

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