These are some of Solomon’s features that his wife called to her mind and praised (see Song of Solomon 5:10-13):

  • He was pure in his motives and behaviors toward her.  Repeatedly she referred to him as white, including white as ivory and white as marble.
  • He was extremely handsome—more handsome even than ten-thousand other men combined.
  • His head (in this case his mind) was filled with wisdom more valuable than gold.
  • He was respected even though he was youthful.  His hair was black, with no evidence of the weakness of age.  Sin is often pictured in the Bible as the weakness of aging. (see Hosea 7:9.)
  • He was gentle; his eyes were soft and tender toward her.
  • He was sober.  The whites of his eyes were white, not reddened by alcohol or debauched living.
  • He had a steadfast gaze and clear outlook toward her.  His eyes were “fitly set,” which means they were wide open and focused on her.  He saw her, and her alone, among all other women.  It is also a reference to the fact that Solomon did not have a shifty look in his eyes; his eyes did not narrow in anger or mistrust, they never openly flared in anger, and they were never bored into dullness.  They were eyes of immutable kindness and unchanging blessing toward her.
  • He was compassionate toward her.  When he held her in his arms, cheek to cheek, there was a sweetness in his expression of love.  When he kissed her, he did so tenderly and sweetly.  He dealt with her in a forgiving, tender, romantic, and loving way at all times.

We’ll cover some more next week.

My Question For You:

Which of the qualities described above do you display to your spouse?

My Challenge For You:

Pick one of the qualities listed above that you need to work on and make an effort to exhibit to your spouse.

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