WinShape Retreat Winner – Angela Petersen

Last month The Hub ran a contest to give away a weekend marriage retreat to WinShape. We told everyone that we would announce the winner on the May 3rd when we sent out our Free Teaching Tuesday email.

Here is what Angela had to say when she found out she won:


My husand and I are very excited about winning your WinShape Marriage Retreat Giveaway! On August 3rd we will be celebrating 20 years of marriage!! What better way to celebrate than going to the WinShape Marriage Retreat for FREE?!? God is good all the time – all the time God is good!

Fred and I live in Oak Harbor, Ohio and have 5 children; Coral (14), Rhett (13), Noelle (12), Seree (10) and Cade (7). And, they keep us VERY busy. We will be counting down the days until we leave for Georgia for our retreat!!

Fred works for Ottawa County, Ohio as the EMA Director and is a volunteer fireman for Portage Fire District. I am a legal assistant at The Law Offices of Lorin J. Zaner in Toledo, Ohio and a councilwoman for the Village of Oak Harbor.

We attend Shorline Church in Oak Harbor, Ohio, which is where we originally heard about Song of Solomon (The Hub).

We spend our “free” time coaching our kids’ soccer, softball, baseball and football teams. And, when we’re not coaching, we’re cheering them on while they wrestle, swim and run cross country and track.

God has blessed our marriage and family over and over again in so many ways. Every valley that we come to leads us closer to Him and closer to each other.

Thank you again for this opportunity to spend a wonderful weekend with my wonderful husband!!!

So there you have it, one very happy winner!

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Mark Driscoll – Spring is Like an Oasis, Is Your Marriage and Home?

Have Mark Driscoll in Your Home

LoveLifeFor just $99 (50% Savings) you can have our DVD Bible Study of Mark Driscoll in your living room! Order LoveLife by Mark Driscoll and he will lead your group in 10 powerful sessions. ( Includes 1 Study Guide. Extra Study Guides available for $9.95.) Offer good from April 5 – April 26, 2011.

Win a Marriage Retreat to WinShape

 Anyone who follows us on Facebook or Twitter between April 5-26, 2011 will have the chance to win a weekend at WinShape – a $550 Value! Winner will be announced in our First Tuesday email on May 3.

We Like to Give Back

The Hub wants to support healthy marriages. 10% of online sales between April 5 – 26th will be donated to WinShape. WinShape Retreat is the place to be for preparing for marriage, encouraging marriage and saving marriages. Couples leave WinShape Retreat refreshed and ready to focus on that most precious relationship they have.

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Ecclesiastes: Living in an Insane World

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Tommy Nelson – SOS Classic Session Nine

Free Teaching Tuesday

Enjoy this full session of Tommy Nelson teaching Session 9 of Song of Solomon Classic.

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First Tuesday – Free Teaching

Matt Chandler Philippians Session 7

No one ever stumbles into Godliness. Ever. Matt Chandler.

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Tommy Nelson – Submission

One of the most effective responses I’ve ever heard given to a husband who erred in his behavior was one that a wife gave after hearing a sermon about Jesus and Pilate. Pilate said to Jesus, “Do you not know that I have power to crucify You, and power to release You?” Jesus replied, “You could have no power at all against Me unless it had been given you from above” (John 19:10-11). From that moment on, Pilate sought to find a way to release Jesus because he recognized that he, indeed, was under God’s authority.

This young woman said to me, “When my husband makes a decision or embarks on an activity that I know is wrong, I just say to him, ‘Do what you want. You are under God’s authority, and I trust God to deal with you.’”. That’s called submission with a wallop to it! The truth remains, however. All of us are under the authority of someone, and in the marriage chain of command, a husband is under the authority of God. A wife is wise to trust God to manifest His authority in her husband’s life rather than to attempt to take on that role for herself.

My Question For You: How do you feel about submission?

My Challenge For You: We all have to submit to someone, so be wise when people submit to you or you submit to someone else.

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Don't Nag

No matter how you feel the Lord prompting you to respond to a conflict, you should feel remorse that any type of conflict has occurred.  You are to lament the fact that the marriage relationship has suffered an injury, regardless of what happened or who was responsible for initiating the conflict.  The woman felt the full sting and pain of what she had done (see Song 5:6-8).

Solomon did not inflict the pain upon her; it was the “watchmen,” the faithful guardians of God’s people.  If your spouse wrongs you, give God some time to work in your mate’s heart.  Let God have an opportunity to deal with the conscience of your spouse.  Your role is not to have that of the Holy Spirit in your spouse’s life.  My role as a husband is to teach my wife what I know to be true, love her tenderly, care for her, and provide for her all that she needs, but I am not her Savior, her divine Spirit of truth, or her Comforter and Counselor.  Only the Lord can fill those roles.

I have counseled many couples in which either the husband or the wife continually nags the other about what the other does wrong before the Lord.  These beleaguered nagged spouses can’t hear the voice of the Lord because the spouse is talking so loudly!  They feel manipulated, put upon, and downtrodden.  My advice to the nagging spouse is to keep quiet and let God work.  It’s amazing how God moves into a person’s life.  Truly His ways are higher than man’s ways, and His methods are not only very creative but extremely effective!

My Question For You: Has nagging broken in to your relationship?  Are you the nag or are you being nagged?  How do you feel about that?

My Challenge For You: Don’t nag.  It surely won’t help your relationship.  Let the Holy Spirit work.

Want to watch the SOS Tommy Nelson Study? You can buy the DVD Series here or Rent one Session at a Time here.

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A Continued Pursuit in Love (Part 4)

Let’s continue from last week’s discussion about Peter’s charge concerning how we act in conflict. Such an attitude and means of resolving conflict begin with how you individually choose to respond to a situation. Will you allow your hurt to linger, fester, and grow, or will you give it to the Lord, ask for His help in resolving the situation, and then speak to your spouse later in loving kindness and with a sure and sincere approach that can bring you to positive resolution?

We come to know in our marriages when we have hurt a spouse. There is a look in the eyes, a slumping of the shoulders, a slow walk away, or a spirit of dejection. I know immediately when I have hurt Teresa. Her eyes fill with tears and I know that—regardless of what has been said or done, and regardless of how “right” I might have been in what I did—I must ask her forgiveness first for hurting her. She knows how to read me equally well. And she knows that before she can ever get across her point of view, she is wise to ask forgiveness for hurting me. It is in this spirit of mutual forgiveness and a desire for mutual continuation of our relationship in love that conflicts are genuinely resolved, a torn relationship is mended, and difficulties are turned into paving stones for a stronger foundation.

My Question For You: What are the signs that your spouse displays when you have hurt them? What do you do when you notice them?

My Challenge For You: When you see these signs from your mate, make a conscious effort to seek forgiveness.

Want to watch the SOS Tommy Nelson Study? You can buy the DVD Series here or Rent one Session at a Time here.

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The Prayer at Gethsemane

When we look at Christ’s prayer in the garden of Gethsemane, we can’t help but notice the anguish that Jesus is going through. Christ in these dark hours, with the cross looming before Him. We can learn so much from His prayer, but His words,”not My will, but Yours be done,” is where we always need to land.
We can pray and ask God for the desires of our heart, but in this, we must come to the end of ourselves. With this, we embrace His hand and allow His will to become our will. He always desires to lead us. We only must be willing to submit to make His will our will. Then, we have the privilege of watching Him be glorified.

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A Continued Pursuit in Love (continued)

A Continued Pursuit in Love

Continuing from last weeks thoughts, how do they square with my earlier advice that you not let certain things build up inside you until you feel an explosion coming on? Very easily. It is up to you to give weight to a situation or circumstance that you perceive to be a conflict. Some things are not worthy of emotional battles or open conflict. Other things that should be addressed need to be addressed in the right time and place, with the right attitude and goal. It is up to you to decide what really matters. Choose your areas for discussion and conflict resolution wisely.

Maintain your poise and composure when you feel hurt, rejected, or maligned by someone. Choose to take control over your attitude and to control the subsequent discussion of the issue with a tone of quietness and positive communication.

My Question For You: Do you keep your composure when you are wronged by someone or do you react without thinking?

My Challenge For You: Consider your attitude the next time you are in a situation that can turn into a conflict and try to determine if it is really worth it.

Want to watch the SOS Classic Study? You can buy the DVD Series here or Rent one Session at a Time here.