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The Hub is always looking to bring you the best Bible teaching and in 2012 we have some exciting new studies to complement the digital studies we already offer. We are partnering with leading publisher Zondervan to bring you The Reason for God by Tim Keller & Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas as well as many more. You can already download and watch bible studies from John Piper, Mark Driscoll, Matt Chandler, Tom Nelson and Nancy Guthrie. These studies are high quality digital format perfect for people on the go with iPhones, iPads or Android devices.

To pair with your Bible Study we have PDF of study guides available as well for just $1.99.

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Looking for Love?

It’s the Holidays and your single. Everywhere around you there are couples in love wearing cheerful sweaters and sipping hot chocolate and peppermint mocha’s. Couples are grouping up, getting married, having babies and pretty much living a life that leaves you feeling lonely and excluded. You are standing under the mistletoe, lips puckered, but with no one to kiss…

Your friends all tell you “Don’t get into a rush, you’ll find the ‘Right One’ soon…” but you expected “soon” to have happened years ago and so you have grown impatient and maybe even a little angry. Trust me. I know. At 35 I’m still single. I’ve had a lot of great relationships (and a few not-so-great) but for some reason (God) they never worked out. I tried various dating sites and participated in various singles groups at church, but here I am, still single – just where God wants me.

I think that as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to appreciate the freedom that being single provides, but more than that, I’ve learned to understand that there can be a joy in the anticipation of waiting. Immediate gratification starts to sour after a while and always getting what we want can really take the fun out of waiting for something great…

This Holiday season is the first year that I have heard of Advent. I’ve been a Christian for 30 years and very active in church and ministry and so how has this wonderful tradition escaped me? While attending The Village Church in Denton they showed us this great video. It is a “must-watch” this Holiday season.

Advent: God With Us from The Village Church on Vimeo.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait…

I love this video and how it repeatedly says that the Israelites “Waited”. They waited on a Savior, they waited on Jesus. They waited for this Messiah that was going to set them free from the curse of the law. Abraham and Sarah waited. Over and over in the Bible we see people waiting for the Lord and when they wait patiently, there is this great blessing. But what happens when we get impatient? What happened with Abraham, Sarah and Hagar? We try to come up with alternative solutions that circumvent God’s perfect plan for us and in the end it only leaves us miserable and in pain.

So this year I rejoice in knowing that the Lord has something great in store for me whether that is a single life which allows me much more freedom and flexibility or a wife (and kids?) that will allow for more challenges and opportunity to grow. Either way I’m complete in Jesus Christ. This year I’m not looking around for a woman to fill some Holiday void. There are no voids this season. This year I’m focused on Jesus, His birth and His ultimate gift and I wait patiently, but with much anticipation and joy, for his return.

Be blessed this Holiday Season!

-Eddie Renz

Eddie is an avid fan of Lord of the Rings, Adobe Software, Dr. Pepper and Apple products. He is the graphic and web designer for The Hub.

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Teaching by Tommy Nelson on Conflict, chapter by Mark Driscoll called Friends with Benefits & more.

Conflict is part of any healthy relationship. We are humans who were made unique and our differences can sometimes be a struggle. How do you conflict in a loving way with your spouse? Find out how in the full teaching session that will help you handle conflict with your mate.

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Don't Waste Your Life – Free Teaching by John Piper

The Hub is pleased to offer this free teaching session of John Piper’s popular series Don’t Waste Your Life. You can view this study as well as 6 other great John Piper’s studies instantly via The Hub’s digital download service.

Give up lesser pursuits and make your life count for eternity. Ask the average person to sum up his or her ideal life, and you the American dream: College. Job. Marriage. House. Kids. Comfortable income. Cushy retirement. But God has designed us for far more than this. Rather than wasting life on lesser pursuits, the members of your church, ministry or small group can, with this high-impact resource, awaken to the soul-saving reality that “to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

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Don't Waste Your Life – Free Teaching

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The End… Is Coming. Is it October 21st?

Enjoy this Free Teaching Session by Tommy Nelson on the true purpose of biblical prophecy straight from the Book of Daniel.

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Better Man. Better Dad. Free Tommy Nelson Teaching.

Solomon’s mistakes and life lessons on family, business, money and pleasure are documented in Ecclesiastes. Tommy Nelson unpacks these life lessons in this often misunderstood but most amazing book.

“Every man should go through Ecclesiastes”

“Whether on top of your game or in a nasty struggle, this book levels the playing field at the cross”

These are comments spoken by men who have gone through this DVD study. Give your dad, husband or yourself this Father’s Day Gift that will impact his marriage, kids and the entire way he see’s his life.

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Ruth Session 4 – Tommy Nelson

The Book of Ruth

Ruth is a courageous woman. Boaz is a generous man. Both exemplified great character. Ruth needed a redeemer. We all need a redeemer.

The Book of Ruth is simply put the greatest love story, ever. Tommy Nelson, Author, Pastor, and Teacher will lead us through this compelling story of Romance & Redemption. In this journey you will learn:

The Character of a Great Woman – The Character of a Great Man – How to Find God’s Will for your Life – Your Redeemer – Our King.

The DVD Box Set includes 4 DVDS, 10 Sessions and 1 Study Guide.

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