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The Gospel Tour – Birmingham, AL – Recap!


The kickoff of the Gospel Tour at Samford University was awesome! Many people came to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ heralded. Both Tullian and Matt shared messages that not only inspired, but showed us that Jesus is the only one to bring about change. It was great to see so many people gather to hear a message of hope.

A special thanks goes out to Samford University and Beeson Divinity School for allowing us to bring a night of Gospel Truth into their midst! Also a shout out to David C. Cook for providing Matt’s new book To Live is Christ, To Die is Gain and Tullian’s new book One Way Love!

Thank you to all who attended The Gospel Tour in Birmingham. We hope you were blessed as much as we were!

If you couldn’t make it to Birmingham, there are still two stops to go! Click on the picture below to get more details!


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Tweet Treasure Hunt Giveaway!

Hunt down one of these two posts and Retweet it by 11:30 AM, Wednesday 9/18 for a chance to win Matt Chandler’s book To Live Is Christ, To Die is Gain! At noon on Wednesday, 10 Tweeters will be chosen at random to receive their free copy! Don’t miss out on this Sweet Tweet Deal!

ReTweet One of These:





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Watch Your iDevice on Your TV

Big-Screen Viewing from Small-Screen Devices

Here’s a quick guide on making the most out of your digital purchases. With the popularity of Apple products, many questions come up about how to get your videos from an iPhone or iPad onto a television. We are happy to say that Apple has come out with an easy solution! Below we have put together a few links for a simple way of making sure you have options for what you need. Please note that these are not the only options available.

iPhone 5


If you have an iPhone 5, iPad Mini, 4th Generation iPad, or a 5th Generation iPod touch, then this is the adapter you need! Just plug in your charging cord and an HDMI cable connecting to the TV, then plug the adapter into your device, and Voilà! instantly see your device’s screen displayed on your TV. Below is an informational video that goes into more detail. Use the picture on the right to go to Apple’s website for a product description, compatibility, and FAQs.

As always, we recommend reading the specifications and reviews before purchasing to make sure these will serve your purposes.

iPhone 4S and Earlier


If you have an iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, or iPod touch 4th Generation, then this is the adapter you need! Just plug in your charging cord and an HDMI cable connecting to the TV, then plug the adapter into your device, and Voilà! instantly see your device’s screen displayed on your TV. Below is an informational video that goes into more detail. Use the picture on the right to go to Apple’s website for a product description, compatibility, and FAQs.

As always, we recommend reading the specifications and reviews before purchasing to make sure these will serve your purposes.

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Get Ready for Back to School!



Take your faith with you

Let Jesus shine through you this new school year as you learn how to share your faith with your friends!



Recharge. Refresh.

Take advantage of the calm and quiet while your kids are at school and studying.



Prep and Encourage

Bolster your small groups! Help reinforce a solid foundation in Christ and healthy group dynamics.


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My Media – Made Easy!

With a fast-paced society, we understand that not only do churches need to be able to keep up, but also church members may find themselves in a pinch. Let us help you be ready for your Sunday school, Bible study, small group, or church-wide video study. With our recently added My Media feature, you now have your videos and study guides available at your fingertips! Whether you have a week or an hour before your study, we are here to help you get what you need, in the easiest way possible.

So, how does this work?

mymedia1 Find your study. Once you have found the video or study guide you need–buy it! In our huge On Demand library, you have a lot to choose from!

2 Get your Key. For your digital purchases you will receive an email containing your Download Media Access Key. This key is yours for life, but don’t panic if you delete or misplace the email. After every digital purchase, we’ll send it to you again.

3 Log in. Simply plug in your email address and your Access Key to see all of your previous and current purchases! Everything is located here in one place so you never have to go hunt down files! Below is an example of what you will see:


If you decided on a Rental, you will see a “Play” button that will link you to the streaming video. RentOnce the 30-day rental period is up, the play button will be replaced with “expired.” But! Even after the expiration, the title will remain in your My Media so you will always know what you have seen–to know what you need next!


Buy Digital Purchases will show a “Download” button (as seen above). This will not expire and is the link to download the file. This means that you can download these videos and study guides on any computer! These files will open in your current media player or prompt you for which program you would like to open in. For Mac users, simply download it into iTunes and sync it to any of your devices!

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Lee Strobel – Faith Under Fire: Miracles of the Bible

Learn the arguments — Defend your faith

Today we see science being pitted against Christianity as an opponent to the miraculous. Faith is being challenged with logic, leading people to rely more on their own mind than our Creator God. Join Lee Strobel, author of The Case for Christ, The Case for a Creator, and The Case for Faith among others, as he leads a debate of the hard questions of Christianity–and the scientific controversy surrounding them.

In Session 1, Lee Strobel mediates the debate between Edward Tabash, a skeptical Civil Liberties Attorney and Dr. J.P. Moreland, a Philosophy professor at Talbot Theological Seminary in California. Both sides state their views on whether evidence supports or undermines the legitimacy of the miracles in the Bible.

Faith Under Fire is the perfect study to open the door for conversation with the skeptical people in your life or Bible study group. These videos do not only serve as thought-provoking evidence for non-believers, but also a way for Christians to learn to defend their faith in concrete, logical ways.


Interested in more studies about this topic? Check out the Christian Faith and Apologetics section of our Store.

Just want to browse? View our large On Demand Library!

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You Can Lead A Horse To Water…

science.opposingviews.com…but you can’t make him drink.

Last Wednesday our family had the opportunity to drive out to a ranch in Texas to celebrate the 4th of July. If you know anything about Texas, people love their ranches. They are designed to bring out the little bit of John Wayne in all of us. Every time I go to a ranch, I ask the Lord if in my next life I can come back as a real cowboy. Then, if I go to the beach, I ask the Lord if I can come back as a surfer dude!

Before you go crazy, ‘my next life’ is just a form of expression 🙂 I know there is only heaven or hell after we leave earth and that is exactly why at The Hub we are so passionate about developing and distributing Bible resources that can draw any person to Christ, whether believer who is seeking to know Christ more intimately or disillusioned believer or not a believer yet.

On the way to the ranch we had a chance to stream a video by Mark Driscoll about who we are in Christ, with our entire family in the car. Parents, this is greatness, kids completely trapped and we had church in the car!

The goal of this blog is not to get you to go trap your family in a car and make them listen to a sermon, but it is for you to think creatively and be spontaneous about how to share and model truth to your family. Technology allows us the access to have the truth ready for delivery whenever you are ready for it! You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.ipodincar

Perhaps the thing I love most about technology is that when the proverbial ‘horse’ is ready to drink, there will be quality water waiting him or her.

We at The Hub wake up every day asking the Lord by His grace and power to help us be a key source of quality water whenever anyone in the world is ready to drink of Christ’s living water.

Thanks for listening…

Doug Hudson
Founder and President of The Hub

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Affordable. Accessible. Printable. Study Guides.

Ever had this happen to you?

Or this?

Looking for a study guide

Wet study guide

Fret no more! Keep all of your study guides in one easy to access place!

Find them in My Media

No more searching for lost books or files. Find all of your study guides in the My Media section of our website, available and accessible from any device.

Forgot to get a guide for class?

Immediate access after purchase! Once the order is processed and you receive your Download Key, log in to My Media and your study guide will be waiting for you!

Want paper, but not shipping costs?

Not a problem! Our study guides come in an easy-to-print PDF format. Simply purchase, download, and print.

Don’t need the whole thing?

Print what you need, when you need it. Print one week’s session at a time, or just the Bible verses.

Pastors and Leaders

Keep all the video sessions and the study guide in one place! No more storage space for study guides, they are all right at your fingertips.

Print as you go!

No more unused study guides. If more people show up than you expect (praise God!) purchase and print them a copy.

Browse our expanded On Demand video library to find the right study for your family, small group, or church.

NEW: Timothy Keller’s The Prodigal God

Have you ever wondered about the parable of the Prodigal Son?

Why did the son want to leave? What were the implications of his request for his inheritance early? Why did Jesus mention the older brother? What was his role to play? How does this parable show the love of God for us?

Many times we find ourselves focused on the “prodigal son” and ignoring the other characters for life principles and guidance. But as Timothy Keller points out in this series, not all of us are “lost.” Some of us have fallen into a spiritual limbo, just “hanging around” to receive our heavenly reward. Others of us are painfully watching loved ones go down these paths, and are just waiting to welcome them home once more.

Timothy Keller opens up the parable by diving into the culture of a society we have only read about. He draws us into the lives of the family and society that broadens our perspective by introducing details never thought of, or never understood. Dissect the spiritual meanings hidden within Jesus’ words to reveal the multitude of ways this parable can impact us today. Find out how this parable spoken from the lips of our Savior can nourish your own relationship with the Father, and others.

Buy or rent this captivating series to walk through the intricacies of of this well-known parable. Click below to view all the studies available from Timothy Keller.

Timothy Keller

Watch when you want, at your pace. Check out over 150 new titles in our huge  On Demand Library!

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Welcome to the NEW Hub!

Introducing: the World’s Largest Online, On Demand Bible Study Library!

Just by being here, you have become privy to the launch of our brand new website! Dedicated to serving you, your small groups, and your church in your spiritual walk, we have changed the way we do things a bit. Taking into account your feedback, we have undergone major renovations to bring you what you see now. Here are just a few of the new features we have the privilege of offering you:

Over 150 New Titles

Your most loved and trusted pastors, authors, and teachers around the globe are right here!

Tim Keller

My Media Instant Online Access

All of your favorite voices are now available in one place, offered in easily accessible, downloadable files — and we keep track of it for you! No more scratched CDs, lost DVDs, or complicated media players. All of your media is easy to find right here with our new “My Media” option!


UPS No More!

No more shipping costs!  Get your full series curriculum and the accompanying study guides all right here. You don’t have to worry if they are in stock, or hunt them down all over the web to find them.


Have stacks of unused guides? Never again!

Never get stuck with too many study guides! Buy them as you need them, and have instant access for printing. All study guides, discussion guides, and participant’s guides come in the universal PDF format and will be there when you need them.


Need more than a video? See it in person!

Want to meet some of these dynamic speakers? Check out our Live Events page to see where they may show up next! We are excited to announce our latest conference coming up this September! Join us for the Engage the South live event taking place in Birmingham, Alabama! Everyone is welcome as these 5 speakers lead you in building your church leadership and church planting in the American south.



We look forward to serving you!

The Hub