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Video Bible Study Content from Lee Strobel

Lee Strobel was the award-winning legal editor of The Chicago Tribune and is the best-selling author of The Case for Faith, The Case for Christ, and The Case for a Creator. Visit Lee’s website at:

Faith Under Fire
Sift through controversial and relevant issues that surround the Christian faith and many of its most pertinent cultural issues in Faith Under Fire, a ten-session, video-based study. Best-selling author Lee Strobel leads in-depth conversations between Christians, people of other faiths, and those with no faith, to answer ten of most difficult questions about God.

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Digital download of all ten sessions + bonus session.
Session 1
Is the Supernatural Real?
You will hear from Dr. J. P. Moreland, a Christian philosopher, and skeptical attorney Edward Tabash discuss their views as you reach for a logical conclusion about supernatural events and miracles.
Session 2
Is Jesus a Prophet or the Son of God?
You will hear from Mike Licona, founder of Risen Jesus and Shabir Ally, founder of the Islamic Information Center in Toronto as they discuss Jesus’ identity and you will read Jesus’ own words to fully research who He was.
Session 3
Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?
You will hear from Dr. William Lane Craig, a leading authority on the resurrection, and Richard Carrier, an ancient history scholar and atheist as they discuss their views on whether or not the resurrection took place.
Session 4
Do All Roads Lead to God?
You will hear from Kenneth Bowers, member of Baha’i, and Gregory Koukl, president of Stand to Reason, to get differing views on the exclusive message of Jesus.
Session 5
Is the Bible Bogus?
You will hear from Dr. Michael Shermer from Skeptic magazine, and Dr. Ben Witherington III, New Testament scholar to get two very different opinions and also look at some compelling evidence that the Bible is true and reliable.
Session 6
Does Science Point to a Creator?
You will hear from Dr. Stephen Meyer, author of Darwinism, Design, and Public Education, and Dr. Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptic magazine as they discuss both sides of the issue and get a clear answer as to where science really points.
Session 7
Is Anything Beyond Forgiveness?
You will hear from author Dr. Henry Cloud and Father Frank Pavone as they discuss the reasons people find God’s forgiveness difficult to believe and learn the biggest issue is not sin but unrepentance.
Session 8
Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?
You will hear from Julia Sweeny, a catholic Saturday Night Live actress turned atheist, and Christian author Craig Lane to get their views on why pain and suffering exist.
Session 9
Mystery of the Trinity
You will hear from Rabbi Tovia Singer and Christian author, Dr. William Lane Craig, as they offer their opinions on the issue of God as three persons.
Session 10
Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?
You will hear from Christian website publisher Deborah Caldwell, Muslim columnist Hesham A. Hassaballa, and Ergun Caner, Muslim turned Christian to see what they believe about Christianity and Islam.
Bonus Session
Is Heaven Real?
You will hear from experts as they discuss heaven, and you’ll delve into biblical writings about the Kingdom of God.
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