…but you can’t make him drink.

Last Wednesday our family had the opportunity to drive out to a ranch in Texas to celebrate the 4th of July. If you know anything about Texas, people love their ranches. They are designed to bring out the little bit of John Wayne in all of us. Every time I go to a ranch, I ask the Lord if in my next life I can come back as a real cowboy. Then, if I go to the beach, I ask the Lord if I can come back as a surfer dude!

Before you go crazy, ‘my next life’ is just a form of expression 🙂 I know there is only heaven or hell after we leave earth and that is exactly why at The Hub we are so passionate about developing and distributing Bible resources that can draw any person to Christ, whether believer who is seeking to know Christ more intimately or disillusioned believer or not a believer yet.

On the way to the ranch we had a chance to stream a video by Mark Driscoll about who we are in Christ, with our entire family in the car. Parents, this is greatness, kids completely trapped and we had church in the car!

The goal of this blog is not to get you to go trap your family in a car and make them listen to a sermon, but it is for you to think creatively and be spontaneous about how to share and model truth to your family. Technology allows us the access to have the truth ready for delivery whenever you are ready for it! You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.ipodincar

Perhaps the thing I love most about technology is that when the proverbial ‘horse’ is ready to drink, there will be quality water waiting him or her.

We at The Hub wake up every day asking the Lord by His grace and power to help us be a key source of quality water whenever anyone in the world is ready to drink of Christ’s living water.

Thanks for listening…

Doug Hudson
Founder and President of The Hub