Introducing: the World’s Largest Online, On Demand Bible Study Library!

Just by being here, you have become privy to the launch of our brand new website! Dedicated to serving you, your small groups, and your church in your spiritual walk, we have changed the way we do things a bit. Taking into account your feedback, we have undergone major renovations to bring you what you see now. Here are just a few of the new features we have the privilege of offering you:

Over 150 New Titles

Your most loved and trusted pastors, authors, and teachers around the globe are right here!

Tim Keller

My Media Instant Online Access

All of your favorite voices are now available in one place, offered in easily accessible, downloadable files — and we keep track of it for you! No more scratched CDs, lost DVDs, or complicated media players. All of your media is easy to find right here with our new “My Media” option!


UPS No More!

No more shipping costs!  Get your full series curriculum and the accompanying study guides all right here. You don’t have to worry if they are in stock, or hunt them down all over the web to find them.


Have stacks of unused guides? Never again!

Never get stuck with too many study guides! Buy them as you need them, and have instant access for printing. All study guides, discussion guides, and participant’s guides come in the universal PDF format and will be there when you need them.


Need more than a video? See it in person!

Want to meet some of these dynamic speakers? Check out our Live Events page to see where they may show up next! We are excited to announce our latest conference coming up this September! Join us for the Engage the South live event taking place in Birmingham, Alabama! Everyone is welcome as these 5 speakers lead you in building your church leadership and church planting in the American south.



We look forward to serving you!

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