Have you ever wondered about the parable of the Prodigal Son?

Why did the son want to leave? What were the implications of his request for his inheritance early? Why did Jesus mention the older brother? What was his role to play? How does this parable show the love of God for us?

Many times we find ourselves focused on the “prodigal son” and ignoring the other characters for life principles and guidance. But as Timothy Keller points out in this series, not all of us are “lost.” Some of us have fallen into a spiritual limbo, just “hanging around” to receive our heavenly reward. Others of us are painfully watching loved ones go down these paths, and are just waiting to welcome them home once more.

Timothy Keller opens up the parable by diving into the culture of a society we have only read about. He draws us into the lives of the family and society that broadens our perspective by introducing details never thought of, or never understood. Dissect the spiritual meanings hidden within Jesus’ words to reveal the multitude of ways this parable can impact us today. Find out how this parable spoken from the lips of our Savior can nourish your own relationship with the Father, and others.

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Timothy Keller

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