Early in our marriage, my wife was lying in bed one morning, and I said, “Teresa, get up and fix me some breakfast!”  I was teasing her, but my words didn’t exactly come out in the teasing way that I meant for them to sound.  At the same time I spoke those words, I picked up a metric stick that I owned, a four-sided stick with a steel border on one side, and I cracked that stick down on what I thought was a lump in the sheets.  It was my wife’s leg!  I had hit her hard.  I saw her eyes puddle up with tears of pain, and I immediately fled to the kitchen in contrition, determined to serve my wife breakfast in bed!

I popped the top off the orange juice container, and in my hurry to make amends for my bad behavior; I poured orange juice down my front.  At that point, Teresa walked into the kitchen, and I turned toward her, covered in orange juice and said, “You prayed for that.”  She sweetly said, “Come here, Sweetheart,” inviting me for a comforting hug, but as I turned toward her, I hit my head on the corner of the cabinet, and suddenly there was blood trickling down from my forehead and mingling with the spilled orange juice.  I was a mess.

Did I ever again attempt to tease my wife about fixing my breakfast, using a metric stick to emphasize my point?  No way.  For her part, Teresa was kind enough never to bring up the matter again.  She knew God had dealt with me in a better way than she ever could have.

My Question For You:

Has something similar to this ever happened to you?  Were you the teaser or the teased?

My Challenge For You:

Consider what you say wisely when you decide to tease!

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