The inevitability of conflict is addressed in the Song of Solomon.  Nearly two chapters are devoted to a “fight” between Solomon and his bride.  The result of the conflict was a deeper and better marriage, and therefore, we are going to take a close look at the six stages of their conflict.

  • Stage One: Both Parties Feel Harmed
  • Stage Two: A Change of Heart
  • Stage Three: Reaching Out to Make Amends
  • Stage Four: Communication
  • Stage Five: Forgiveness
  • Stage Six: Greater Closeness and Joy

We’ll dive into each one of these stages over the coming weeks in order to gain a good understanding of how to handle conflict.

My Question For You: Are you currently experiencing conflict in your relationship?  Is it based on a new problem or something that has been lingering?

My Challenge For You: Think about all the important relationships in your life.  Is there any current or unresolved conflict that you need to see resolved?

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