We have good news and then…well, good news! We have chosen a name for Ruth! Ready….

Your God. My God.
A True Story of Love & Redemption

Now, this was no one person’s entry. It is a combination of Carrie Hudson, Tommy Nelson, John Vines…from City Church…and who knows else:) So, we have decided to reward 3 of you who have made name suggestions. Here they are:

John Vines – A Story of Redemption
Nathan – Redeeming Love (this was a contender!)
Ruth – well Ruth…for obvious reasons:)

So, shoot us an email at info@gotothehub.com and you have just won a DVD Box Set of your choice, and on August 23, 2010 when Ruth ships, a Box Set of Ruth.

Congrats and thanks to all for your prayers and suggestions. Please be praying for Ruth and that God’s message of redemption, character, finding God’s will and other key elements from this series will changes lives today, and forever.