Guess what? These 3 words are in the top 50 of all internet topics being blogged about, searched for on Google, Youtube, podcast, and any other traditional or new communication method.

My question for you is simple. Why? Why do we have more access to information than we have ever had before and yet the core issues, Romance and Relationships, Religion, Politics and Money?

Are you content with how much money you have/make?  Was your childhood with religion a positive or negative thing?  Did you judge others in your home or did you feel judged?  Was your home a happy place with a mom and dad who had a good, healthy, kind relationship and therefore home?  Or was your home icey cold, volatile hot, or just empty?

Ever wondered why these issues get our blood boiling and minds moving?  It’s quite simple.  God!

He created us with the desire and capacity to share, experience and enjoy romantic relationships.  He created the desire within man/woman to create, work, design, build, grow and therefore earn a way to provide for ourselves and family units.  He created us in His Image and therefore to have freedom, responsibility, community, and safety.

So, it is God who has created and given us the desire and need for Romance, Relationships and Religion (I will define this as the need for a personal relationship with God, everyone’s Creator).

Am I saying it is as simple as belief in God will solve all Romance, Relationship and Religious issues?  No.  I am saying that trust and belief in The One who made us is the source to find fulfillment in all these areas and the source of strength and courage to work through our differences.

These issues will always been in the TOP 10 of internet, magazine, newspaper, blogs, or whatever form of communication our God given minds will create.  Because, until we stop searching the internet, magazines, newspapers, blogs, or whatever form of information our God given minds develop and start searching His Written Word, The Bible and pray for His best in the areas of Romance, Relationships and Religion, there will always be turmoil in our lives and therefore our world.

God is with us – thank goodness.  Happy New Year from The Hub.