Our passion at SOS is the Bible and how it communicates God’s love and truth to us. The greatness of the Bible and God, His written down, literal word, is that it catches us wherever we are at any moment in life.

If you sense at this moment you are at the top of your game, at the lowest point in a long time, bored with life or even fulfilled at the moment, God is always relevant and ready to speak truth in your life.

Matt Chandler, Pastor of The Village in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area does an amazing job bringing the meaning of the book of Philippians to live. Our title for this series is To Live is Christ & To Die is Gain. Sound familiar? Of course, it is straight from the scriptures.

Matt starts by taking a look at the first 3 ‘characters’ mentioned in the letter. It is so important to me that when you read scripture, especially New Testament letters that you ‘get into the story.’ Remember, these are literally letters written from a person to a group of people. Of course the words and meaning are inspired directly from God, but there is personality and insight that comes from the text.

So, over the next few days or so, we will look at a profile of these 3 characters, and for fun, you can all vote on which one of these folks you and your story with Christ is most like.