The Song of Solomon Events feature passionate and dynamic speakers who walk us through the 8 Chapters of The Song of Solomon.

They are geared for: Adults 18 years and older, Married Adults, Single Adults and College Students.

Perfect for a small to medium-sized churches to bring a group for a turn key Bible-based relationship conference.

Whether you are newly married, married for years and may think that your marriage can’t get any worse, or better, or perhaps you are a college student
or single and want to have the most fulfilling marriage possible, the Song of Solomon is for you. It is God’s foundational and most intimate writing about how to:

  • Attract and become the right kind of a person
  • How to Date and then moving towards a serious relationship
  • The Gift of Intimacy and Sex, and why and how it can be such a blessing or such a struggle
  • * How to fight, because we all do, and how to grow closer through fight, not build a bigger wall between us
  • Romancing our spouse after years, fighting boredom and “this is as good as it’s going to get” pitfall
  • Commitment and why it is God’s desire and command, and why it is the most satisfying, simple and fulfilling model ever