Sarah & Kevin Real Marriage Vow Renewal

“I unfortunately got addicted to pornography, online, dishonored my wife… I wanted her to be what was on the internet…” – Kevin

“I was very lonely… I wanted my best friend… I wanted someone to be interested in me… so I found that in someone else… ” – Sarah

It’s easy to get caught up in the fun of a conference atmosphere. There are people excited to hear Mark Driscoll. There are lines of people waiting. There is anticipation and book signings, tweets and Facebook posts, and it’s wonderful – but what really matters, what really goes on beyond the big event atmosphere is life change. While this book and tour are packaged in a bright red cover with a cute bride and groom wedding cake topper, the issues that are dealt with on this tour are often dark, ugly and real. What may seem like a lost cause might be an opportunity for the Lord to do a great work in your life and then allow you to use what you have learned to minister to others – just as Kevin and Sarah are doing in this transparent telling of their own personal story.

Pastor Mark uses his years of experience to cut to the heart of a variety of issues that he covers in the book Real Marriage, but at the conferences he goes into further detail on other topics as well as taking questions from the audience. I’m always surprised by the boldness of what some people ask, but I like the spontaneity and the personal quality of each event as every city has it’s own culture and every church has it’s own subculture and so everyone has a different point of view and their own set of questions.

As a single man I’m always extremely thankful that I have the opportunity to learn from these conferences. While sometimes we hear what not to do we often aren’t told exactly why. Understanding the consequences of our actions as men is a great deterrent to making repeated mistakes or getting caught up in something that seems relatively harmless. I highly recommend the Real Marriage book to marrieds and singles and if you can, try to make one of these events, it will change your life and the way you look at relationships.

A special thanks to Kevin and Sarah for their willingness to share their heart and for the courage to stand up in front of thousands and tell us their story. We hope you find it as encouraging as we did. If you would like to read their written vows you can download them here: Kevin’s Vows & Sarah’s Vows

What Others Were Saying…

“Pastor Mark Driscoll knocked it out of the Park at Mission Community Church. When the tour comes to your town, I highly recommend you make it a priority. Lots of significant conversations happened all over our campus between couples. And five men gave their life to Christ Friday night. – Mark Connelly

“Just attended an amazing conference on marriage. WOW! Marriages are worth fighting for. My take away this weekend is my husband is my Best Friend. My relationship with Jesus must be first priority and prepares me for my relationship with my husband. It made me pause and remind myself that I must die to my self and serve others, in life and especially in my marriage. Humble servants have good marriages. Bitterness and selfishness destroys marriages. Forgiveness, humility and dying to myself will prosper my marriage. My husband and I can’t wait to dig deeper into Mark Driscoll’s book Real Marriage. Thanks Pastor Mark!” – Davida Monts de Oca

Photos from Real Marriage Phoenix, Arizona

We love getting great photos at the conferences and so if you have some that you want to share, post them on our Facebook wall or send them to Eddie Renz and he’ll post some of them here on this recap.

In this photo on the far left are our Kindle Winners Ty and Katelyn Kieser – courtesy of Logos Bible Software. We always pick a winner from someone who posts a great picture to our Real Marriage Facebook wall and we couldn’t resist this great picture of Ty and Katelyn. The two guys in the middle are Samson (on the right) and Mark who arrived the morning of the conference at 10 a.m. and got in line. Then, they slept in their truck through the night in the parking lot so they could get their front row seats. We love die hard fans and have a quick clip of them waiting in line.


Joe’s Farm Grill

For those of us who were coming in from out of town it seemed that the most recommended spot was Joe’s Farm Grill. While we were there I had no idea that it was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives but as a Food Network Foodie I was delighted to know that this is one more restaurant I can check off my list of Triple D stops. Doug and I had the Ahi Tuna burgers and sweet potato fries and I added an extra regular cheeseburger to my order as well. Working a conference really works up an appetite and so I was carb and protein loading for the day. As you can see from the video, these burgers weren’t little and while the food was fast, it tasted anything but.


We LOVE Our Volunteers

For Me (Eddie Renz) my favorite part of going on the conference other than what I learn is meeting new people. Every state has it’s own vibe and the people from Arizona were some of the most laid back, kind, servant-hearted people I have ever worked with. The team that helped construct this event were MACHINES. From the moment we started planning the conference until the very last box was taped up the staff and volunteers at Mission Community Church made our lives easier.

Hungry? Not once. Thirsty? How can I be when I’m constantly being waited on hand and foot as if I’m at a resort. There was not a single moment that I wanted for anything – even before I could think of what I needed it was already handled. It was amazing. I want to say a special thanks to Abby, Lissette, Kim, Lisa, Tim, and Josh who were the people that I worked closely with at the event. There were a myriad of hands involved in making this event run smoothly from the technical team to the janitorial staff. We sometimes overlook the details and forget to say “Thanks” to all the behind-the-scenes people, but we want to be sure and let all of our volunteers know that they are noticed and appreciated. We are supremely blessed to be involved with a much-needed ministry and our hearts are always over-joyed to work with others who share the same goal – glorifying Jesus Christ. We love you all in Phoenix and hope to see you again soon!