So you are currently leading a group or looking to lead a group – good for you.  Whether you lead a group in your church, your neighborhood, office or home, leadership takes courage.  At The Hub we are committed to developing, finding, and sharing the best Bible centric tools that will:

  1. Make your role easier
  2. Provide the Best Teaching Possible for you and your group
  3. Empower you to excel in building genuine, accountable and trusting Christ centered relationships.

One of the most common concerns for pastors, church and para-church leaders is making sure the teaching and content being shared in all of these groups in and around their ministry is scripturally sound.  When there are many people in different groups teaching this can be quite difficult and the systems in place to ensure this are even more difficult to put in place.

With resources from The Hub you can be assured of:

  1. What the content is being taught, because all the groups are watching the same teacher.
  2. Preview all content first before distributing it to your group leaders.
  3. Empower your small group leaders with our Study Guides that have all the built in tools needed for Discussion.

The Hub Factor:

Our tools are primarily Bible book focused.  In a ‘noisy’ world it is our passion and belief that only The Word of God lasts and so teaching that is based on the 66 books of Scripture has the most life change and shelf life for leaders to use in reaching and teaching people.

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