Real Marriage Tour – Corona, CA

 What Others Were Saying after the Conference

“My hubby and I had a great time at the Real Marriage Tour event! Even though our marriage is amazing, there is always room for growth! Thank you for sharing how we can bring our marriage to a higher level ~ We are Face to Face, View Sex as a gift, Servant + Servant = Godly Marriage! Thank you for challenging us to have more FUN, FUN, FUN, to always keep our spouse in second place just under God, and not let the little foxes get into our beautiful garden!” – Christina Nordmark

Thank you for being practical, honest and funny! My husband and I really enjoyed ourselves and I pray that “by the Grace of God” we can put the information into practice!- Lauren Briggs

This conference is amazing and has taught me so much! Praise God! – Andrew Maxwell

A Recap of the Real Marriage Tour

I awoke at 4:16 a.m. even though my alarm was set for 5:00 a.m. I was wide awake so I figured I might as well start getting ready since you can really never be too early for a flight out of DFW.

Doug, the owner of The Hub and producer of the Real Marriage Tour, met me at the airport and we had an intense strategy session 20,000 feet in the air.

As we flew over New Mexico we were both in awe at the vastness of God’s creation. The desert. The mountains. It was all so remote and from our viewpoint – tiny. We could only wonder what the world looks like in the palm of God’s hand.

We arrived in Corona, CA at 9:11. This was my first trip to California and it’s beauty and climate exceeded my expectations.

We met up with some of the creative crew from Mars Hill church for lunch as well as Peter McGowan of Plain Joe Studies. We feasted on the patio at Miguels Mexican Restaurant with hot food on our plates and warm sunshine on our backs – a real treat when the weather in Texas was rainy and cold when we left that morning.

We arrived at Crossroads Church and began to setup the lobby of the church with tables upon tables of merchandise as well as promotional booths and banners for our sponsors – Logos Bible Software, Food for the Hungry and Air 1 FM Radio.

We were running a little behind schedule and were surprised when people started arriving around 4:30 to attend the conference when doors wouldn’t even open until 6 p.m. By 5 people were standing in line for registration, by 5:30 people were streaming in and there was a buzz and excitement in the air. At 6:20 Mark & Grace showed up to sign autographs and take pictures. There was a huge line for the autographs and so we recommend getting there early if you want to be sure and get your book signed and your photo with Mark and Grace.

Praise and Worship with Dustin Kensrue

Dustin Kensrue of Thrice kicked off the evening with praise and worship and everyone loved it. When I asked one attendee “What was your favorite part of the conference” he said, “The praise and worship and the Q&A” – and he was right, both of these things were big hits at the conference. Dustin is genuine and sings from the heart and one of my favorite things about being a Christian is corporate worship. There is nothing like coming together with a body of believers and praising the Lord.

Real Marriage with Mark Driscoll

Mark started teaching and immediately he had the crowd laughing. If you haven’t heard Mark Driscoll teach then you should check out his podcast or download some of his teaching from our website. Mark doesn’t beat around the bush and as Hector, one of the conference attendees interviewed said, “Mark has no shame”. Hector continued to tell me that he appreciated that Mark would talk about topics that other churches were often afraid to speak on. People have real questions, they expect real answers, not fluff.

Real Marriage - Mark and Grace Driscoll

During the Q&A Mark and Grace answered questions like “Why are some guys scared to make the first move?” and “What can I do to get my husband to pursue me?”  Mark and Grace gave great answers to both questions. Mark had the crowd laughing when he answered about the guys being scared to make the first move. He pretty much said that guys shouldn’t be going around to a girl’s friends and asking “Does so and so like me, maybe?” Instead men need to be okay with taking a risk – it’s what being a man is about. Just keep it simple, ask a girl if you can get to know her more and if she says no, then say “Well, okay, just tell all your friends I was honorable.”

Not Just for Married People…

Everyone should attend the Real Marriage Conference. As a single man who has attended multiple marriage events over the years I can honestly say that each time I go I learn something new.  The single attendees that I asked about the conference said that the topic on selfishness really hit home with them. As human beings it’s often all about us and that is something we forget when pursuing a mate. There is so much amazing information at these conferences that you would be so far ahead of the curve if you attended BEFORE you got married. If everyone heard this information before they got married then I’m sure they would avoid years of heartache.

Real Marriage Changes Lives

Attending a Real Marriage Conference is life-changing. Many people asked me, “Why should I go to the conference when I can just listen to this online?” I guess the best answer would be why do you go to a concert to hear a singer when you can just listen to them on the radio? It’s all about shared experience. You get to come together with people who have a common interest and want to share their experience with other people. There is an energy and a joy that you get from being at a conference. I have seen couples after the conferences praying together, holding each other, crying together. Lives are changed.

At each of our conferences we plan to do a vow renewal for a couple that wants to renew their vows in front of the congregation. This is something you won’t experience online or by just watching the DVD. We also have question and answer sessions that are unique to each event since the participants text their questions in and we choose them while Mark Driscoll is speaking.


How is The Hub connected to Mars Hill Church?

A question I got a lot at the conference was “How is The Hub connected to Mars Hill Church and Mark Driscoll?” Well, if you are new to The Hub then you may not know that we used to be called and that we have produced and promoted over 150 conferences over the last 15 years. Doug Hudson, owner of The Hub is passionate about great Bible teaching as well as spreading the word about Jesus Christ through live events. He partnered with Mark & Grace Driscoll and Mars Hill Church to produce and promote The Real Marriage Tour which is sponsored by Logos Bible Software as well as Food for the Hungry, Bible Study Magazine,, The Resurgence, Vyrso, and 5 Love Languages.

We want to say a big THANKS to all of our sponsors, our on the street photographers (Brett Benham) our wonderful selfless volunteers, the staff from Mars Hill and Crossroads Christian Church, to Mark and Grace and of course our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

More videos and pictures coming soon so be sure and watch our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates.

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