From the moment Tommy Nelson and I began traveling and leading Song of Solomon conferences the quote has been, “Wow, I wished I had heard this years ago.”  Which of course means that there is some tough tuition that has been paid.

All of us have some level of scar tissue around the area of love, dating, romance and sex. Some of this is inevitable. But, do our kids have to learn the same way as we did? Or as Tommy says in the SOS Classic Series, “We all figured it out by looking at the bathroom wall at the gas station.”

Well, our kids do have a better way. They don’t have to pay the same tuition as many of us have. God’s plan for love, dating, marriage and sex is laid out in Song of Solomon.

If you live anywhere in driving distance of Austin, TX then you need to get your 6th-12th grade student or your YoungLife, Church group or any other group and come hear God’s design from Goodie Goodloe. Goodie will be teaching the Worth the Wait event on November 15, 2009 from 5:30PM – 9PM at Hill Country Bible Church.

It has always been our heart to bring God’s will and desire to light on the subject of sex so students and adults know that this is God’s gift, not the worlds. Amazing things can happen when a person connects this most passionate and volatile issue of love and sex to a Holy God. Sex is not dirty, kinky or wrong, it can be and has been for many, but this was not God’s intention. Sex was designed to be awesome, fun, intimate, sweet, tender, passionate, creative, connecting, nurturing and just fun – for married couples.

So, a question for you. If you have a junior high or high school student, how many times does the world teach your child about love/dating/sex and how often does your child hear God’s design from you/church/other christian resources?

If I can teach any person about anything 300 times a day and the opponent only teaches 1 time a day, then repetition always wins.

We must get in this battle and allow God to redeem what He created for us to enjoy.

Join us in Austin in November and learn how to talk to your children about this subject that will ultimately change their lives – for the better. This is a two-part conference with a session taught to parents and a separate session taught to students. Sign Up Today!