View the Live Recording of Matt talking about Philippians Here.

Friends, we had a blast doing the Phil webinar. Wow, live video is so much fun and anything can happen. As many of you know the office building we were using and the entire block of buildings in Dallas had a power grid failure. Welcome to Texas Heat in the summer.

But, God reigns and made it happen. I felt like Matt did an amazing job sharing his heart and highlights of the To Live is Christ & to Die is Gain series.

The point that stands out the most to me so far in this study is that if we get everything else right, moral, legal, religious, but don’t get Jesus, love relationship with Him, we have missed the point. Matt says and asks in the series, what is the scariest verse in all the Bible, “depart from me for I never knew you.” I know some out there will think there is scare tactics or fear in that, I am not going there, I am just commenting that many of us have grown up in a ‘religious’ environment and ‘done’ church. True love, peace, purpose, and power that changes lives is when we Know Christ and He fills our lives. Then we are different. Then we can make a difference for Christ and eternity, not for a ‘religious’ group.

This study in Philippians has absolutely challenged me to know the Word better and to pray and know Christ more intimately. I don’t want ‘business as usual’ in my walk with Christ, I want to experience Him, and His power and Love.

Let’s discuss…