With a fast-paced society, we understand that not only do churches need to be able to keep up, but also church members may find themselves in a pinch. Let us help you be ready for your Sunday school, Bible study, small group, or church-wide video study. With our recently added My Media feature, you now have your videos and study guides available at your fingertips! Whether you have a week or an hour before your study, we are here to help you get what you need, in the easiest way possible.

So, how does this work?

mymedia1 Find your study. Once you have found the video or study guide you need–buy it! In our huge On Demand library, you have a lot to choose from!

2 Get your Key. For your digital purchases you will receive an email containing your Download Media Access Key. This key is yours for life, but don’t panic if you delete or misplace the email. After every digital purchase, we’ll send it to you again.

3 Log in. Simply plug in your email address and your Access Key to see all of your previous and current purchases! Everything is located here in one place so you never have to go hunt down files! Below is an example of what you will see:


If you decided on a Rental, you will see a “Play” button that will link you to the streaming video. RentOnce the 30-day rental period is up, the play button will be replaced with “expired.” But! Even after the expiration, the title will remain in your My Media so you will always know what you have seen–to know what you need next!


Buy Digital Purchases will show a “Download” button (as seen above). This will not expire and is the link to download the file. This means that you can download these videos and study guides on any computer! These files will open in your current media player or prompt you for which program you would like to open in. For Mac users, simply download it into iTunes and sync it to any of your devices!