In the Song of Solomon, Solomon refers to their bedroom as En Gedi. En Gedi was this picture you see just taken by Mark Driscoll on his recent trip to Israel.

So, what is En Gedi?

En-Gedi is a lush oasis in the midst of the desert wilderness on the southwestern shore of the Dead Sea. The surrounding region is hot and bleak; its dry sands extend monotonously for miles. The Dead Sea region is a salty desert covered with a dusty haze and characterized by almost unbearable heat during most of the year. The lush oasis of En-Gedi is the only sign of greenery or life for miles around. It stands out as a surprising contrast to the bleak, dry desert wilderness around it. In the midst of this bleak desert wilderness is the lush oasis in which indescribable beauty is found. The lush oasis and waterfall brings welcome relief and refreshment to the weary desert traveler. (Taken from

This concept and principle in SOS and a major feature of Mark Driscoll’s presentation in Austin on October 2-3, 2009 is absolutely one of my favorites.  Every week and even everyday it seems, there may be some very difficult news, sad news, or even painful news that comes our way.  If our relationship with our spouse is one of those “difficult things” then life becomes even more stressful and hard to deal with.

Making your bedroom En Gedi is of the utmost importance.  Your bedroom is not only for intimacy, but it is for all the talking, relaxing, sharing your day, sharing your soul, resting, reading, and all of the inner soul things that we need as individuals and couples in order to experience intimacy.

Song of Solomon refers to “keeping the foxes” out of the vineyard.  What are some of the foxes that might steal true En Gedi from your bedroom?

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