From our Winner Jennifer McCormack: I was first introduced to the Song of Solomon study by my roommate a few years ago (the older version). We have watched it together numerous times, invited our friends to watch with us and have even loaned it to many of our engaged friends over the years.

I volunteer as youth staff at my church and mentor several young ladies, even beyond graduation. We have accountability meetings and have used Song of Solomon to do a Bible study about purity and relationships at a practical level. We have had many fascinating deep discussions that have challenged the girls and myself.

sosforstudentsIt has been wonderful having a tool that can lay out the word of God so clearly…especially on a subject that many don’t really want to talk about. I have even watched SOS with my younger siblings, and my brother who graduated from HS last year told me that he wanted his own copy for graduation so he could share it with his friends….I have been wanting to preview the specific SOS for Students for a long time and decided to finally get it – on sale. The iPhone is a bonus!

Praise the Lord for the work He is doing though your ministry!

Jenn McCormick

From The Hub: iPhone winner, Jennifer McCormack, uses The Hub’s resources for a small home-based ministry – Awesome! With The Hub’s easy bible study solutions, anyone can have their own ministry with the push of a button. Thanks Jennifer for being a light in your community. We hope you enjoy your new iPhone 4!

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