Austin… What Should Mark and Grace Driscoll know about You?

I talked with Mark this week and he is fired up to be in the Lonestar state on Oct. 2-3.  In fact, I tell him if Seattle was not his home base, Austin is the warm weather version of Seattle.  Both cities are extremely cool, have a great vibe, beautiful and plenty of folks who love Jesus and even more who need Jesus.

Mark and Grace have just spent about three weeks in Greece, Turkey and Israel and have had the opportunity to visit some of the actual places that are mentioned in Song of Solomon.  So, needless to say, they are pumped and more than ready to share their hearts and wisdom with all of us about enjoying this amazing God given relationship called marriage.

So now it is your turn.  What would you like to say to Mark and Grace to let them know more about Austin, H=how you are praying for them, or any cool insights from the coolest city in Texas…

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Mark & Grace Driscoll Live in Austin

On October 2-3 Mark Driscoll and his wife Grace will be teaching the Live Song of Solomon Conference in Austin at Hill Country Bible Church.  Mark’s presentation of the message is honest, funny, redeeming and very practical. Here is what Kerry from Missouri said about Mark and SOS: “I found it to be incredibly informative and understandable and relatable. Oh, and he’s hilarious!”

That is just one of the 2500 folks who attended the weekend. The Song of Solomon conference is designed for college students, yes, there’s only about 40,000 of them in the area, and they all need it 🙂 and it is great for married and single adults.

To see some video clips of Mark and to register: click here.

At this location, we have the joy of having Grace join with Mark. We will have a Q & A session at the end of Friday night and at the end of Saturday morning. On Saturday Grace will be joining Mark on stage to give her perspective and share her heart on these issues.

I have been a part of over 100 Live SOS events and this is the first time we will have a wife participate on stage and give her thoughts on Song of Solomon.  We are very excited about it and know the ladies/wives attending will be totally blessed.  So great to get both a husband and wife’s perspective on these very felt needs and everyday issues.

So, get your mom or dad to watch the kids for the weekend, make a road trip out of it and come join Mark & Grace Driscoll for an inspiring and relationship changing 6 hours!

Sharing God’s Absolute Best for Love, Marriage & Sex! Come join us.


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Mark Driscoll – Song of Solomon

Looking for a great teaching at a great price? Don’t miss this Back-to-School Special – Mark Driscoll teaching Song of Solomon with Q&A. Retails for $149 get it for just $99 until 8.31.09 – Use Promo Code driscollsos Buy Now

Can’t get enough Mark Driscoll? See Mark and Grace Driscoll live at Hill Country Bible Church NW on October 2-3 in Austin, TX. This will be his only live Southwest Tour Date for 09. Purchase Tickets Here.

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