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Philip Yancey at Maranatha Chapel – San Diego, CA


Thank you, Team!

From Left: Anthony Evans, Tom Dean, Philip and Janet Yancey

Special shout out to Anthony Evans, Tom Dean, and Philip and Janet Yancey!

Yancey pic 1 small

Thank you!

Maranatha logo

It has been a pleasure working with you! Thank you for approaching this event with kind hearts and sweet spirits, sharing your church and family, and providing such a wonderful environment for Philip, Anthony, and our partners. We couldn’t have done it without you!

With the generosity of Maranatha and the people of San

Diego, 163 children now have life-saving sponsors!

Thank you to all who supported Philip and Anthony by spending the evening

with them and listening to their hearts!

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For a culture that has become rejecting of Christianity, it is ever more important for Christians to show the love and grace of God through actions as well as through words. The church must approach and interact with others, knowing we live in a world that rejects the idea of sin and eternal consequences. Philip Yancey kicked off this spectacular tour, speaking on the idea of grace in a post-Christian society, and launched his book Vanishing Grace at Maranatha Chapel in San Diego, CA. With truth displayed and matched with spirit-engaging worship by Anthony Evans, this event was quite a hit! We look forward to the next six stops on this tour and hope that even if you can’t make it, you’ll pick up a copy of Vanishing Grace!
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A Writer’s Life with Philip Yancey

grunge image of a field

Philip Yancey has spoken on grace before. In a book that touched lives throughout the world, Philip began a journey of discovering why Christians seem to have a hard time showing grace to those around them. What’s So Amazing About Grace? very quickly became a challenging call to Christians everywhere to revamp their understanding of grace and delve deep into their own lives; to show God’s grace to everyone they encounter.
Philip returns now with the sequel to his award-winning book: Vanishing Grace: What Ever Happened to the Good News? Seeing the changes happening rapidly throughout the country, Philip once again raises the question of grace. Where is it, and why do we have to search it out? He takes it a step further, tackling the topic of how to live out grace in a world that is hostile to Christianity. Seeing and anticipating the major changes our society is undergoing, Philip jumps ahead and says, “hey, this is what we can do about it.”

Here is a blog he wrote for one of our tour friends, FaithLife (formerly Logos):

A writer’s life is a strange combination of isolation and busyness.

The act of writing itself requires quiet, reflective time. I can’t write if someone walks into the room. I block out distractions by listening to music through my headphones, and by shutting off my cell phone and email program.

Eventually, though I have to pay for the isolation. Right now I’m sitting on an airplane frantically trying to catch up on the accumulated emails and scheduling details that I put off while writing. A new book is being released—Vanishing Grace: What Ever Happened to the Good News?—which I’ll be presenting to a group of pastors in Boston. While flying east for that event, I’m reviewing notes and fine-tuning a PowerPoint file. Soon I’ll take that presentation on a seven-city book tour.

When I’m writing, I focus on one thing only. When I’m catching up, I flit from place to place like a hummingbird. Flying across Ohio, suddenly I remember a strange and confusing passage I read in the Bible this morning. It appears in the latter part of Ezekiel, a series of very detailed instructions on the building of the temple and the resumption of animal sacrifices. Many of the rules described echo those in Leviticus, but some have changed. Why is so much space devoted to these details? I ask myself. And what does this passage have to do with us today? I wonder how modern Jews, who have nothing resembling the temple described, interpret these chapters with their architectural specificity. Are the blueprints symbolic or literal?

When a line of questioning starts bugging me, I have great difficulty getting back to other tasks. Magically, because I have Logos Bible Software, I can look up the answers right now, sitting in a chair in the sky zooming across the American heartland. I have access to hundreds of Bible resources on my laptop computer, and in a few minutes I can survey a variety of opinions from scholars who have addressed my very questions.

Last weekend I spent hours moving hundreds of books and reference works out of danger from a basement flood. Thinking back, I have to smile at the contrast between those books, which take up so much space in my office, and a software program I can carry in my coat pocket. In some ways I’m old-fashioned. I still listen to classical music, I stubbornly cling to my flip-style “dumb phone,” and I don’t use Twitter. I must tell you, though, that I am forever grateful to live in an age that makes it possible for me to carry the wisdom of the ages with me, wherever I go.

–Philip Yancey

Don’t miss out on hearing this message in person! Join Philip as he travels with Anthony Evans, participant of The Voice, on his 7-city tour this fall — details available here!


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Song of Solomon, Tommy Nelson, and Favorite Valentine’s Day Idea

Friends –

Every one of us needs help at Valentine’s Day. Occassionaly, a few of us really knock it out of the park. But, truthfully, most men just get so paralyzed but what to do, we do nothing at all. And when you do nothing at all, you don’t get ‘nothing at all’ – you actually potentially lose it all.

It was in 1994 the very first time I heard Tommy Nelson from Denton Bible Church teach on The Song of Solomon. My life was forever changed. Fast forward one year, and in May of 1995 I am married to the love of my life and my best friend, Carrie, and we are sitting together listening to Song of Solomon a second time, and this time we had bee married for just over 2 months.

You see, the very first time I heard Song of Solomon was January of 1994 and I was leading a bible study called Metro Bible Study in Dallas at Prestonwood Baptist Church. We were expecting about 600 people that first Monday night and before you knew it there were 900 and within the 6 weeks to the final lesson we were passed fire code at 2000 plus. Only God, and maybe His truth on love, dating and sex perhaps could do something like that!

The Song of Solomon and it’s teaching has had an immearsurable impact around the world. It has impacted millions, both married and single, and it challenged and encouraged thousands of pastors to preach on this book of scripture that had been basically censored for 2000 years. I would almost bet, that any preacher who has preached on it since 1995 has used Tommy’s teaching, either by the video or audio, or The Book of Romance by Thomas Nelson as a reference guide.

Here are a few of may favorite things about Song of Solomon by Tommy Nelson:
1. It’s Biblcial – it is a verse by verse Bible Study. I have watched people’s eyes and lives over 150 times as Tommy has taught this and something magical, spiritual happens when people connect God is a positive way to love and sexuality. Yes, actually God is the inventor of sex and He is quite proud of it. It is the world and satan who has deceived us to at a minimum confuse us, if not to poison it completely for many.
2. It’s funny. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. This subject gets so intenese, so intimate, without humor it would just get downright creepy. The laugher opens our heart for the Holy Spirit to then convict with shame, but with true conviction.
3. It’s redemptive. There is so much scar tissue the entire world has around sexuality and relationships and there always will be. God is never expecting perfection from us, so we must believe and know that no matter what you have gone through, God’s plan is to forgive you and heal you. Yes there is hard work on our part generally, but no shame, only healing conviction and instruction.
4. The teaching on Song of Solomon by Tommy Nelson is just so practical. It doesn’t live in theory, it is real, honest, and hepful tools.
5. It is one of the single, greatest pre – marital teaching resource or marriage intervention teaching resource I have ever seen.
6. And finally, it will be all new and all Live this February!

Tommy will teach live every Tuesday night in February from 7 – 8PM CST. It will be available On Demand each Wednesday by 10AM. So, get your friends together at the house or apartment, make 4 dates with your spouse or if you are a church leader, bring in one of the worlds most beloved and gifted communicators for a 4 week series for less than the cost of one plane ticket.


As I started this blog, husband, wife, single, what will you do this February to invest in the single greatest relationship on earth, given by God? Make your plans now – whatever God lays on your heart and mind to do.

Bless you and thanks for your time!

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Texas artist creates 2014 calendar to help feed kids in Kenya

What started out as a simple Christmas gift for a friend, has turned into a movement to pray, feed and serve 500 kids in the Kibera slums in Kenya by January 15th. Each of us looks at a calendar everyday, now there is the opportunity to purchase this limited edition calendar and put it on your kitchen table, desk, by your TV, or wherever you or your family gather. The purchase of this calendar provides an opportunity to enjoy the charming artwork and a reminder to pray for a child who is in a real world struggle for the basics of life, and certainly the need for Jesus, a need we all share.order-button2

Kenya yellow jacket

In the Kibera slum in Kenya one million people are crammed into an area of about one square mile. Most of the structures are shacks made out of whatever they can find. The average size of homes here is about 9 feet by 9 feet. But what makes it more shocking is that most of the homes have 8 or more people living in them. There is absolutely no indoor plumbing; and access to clean water is limited.

There is a stream of sewage that runs through Kibera. The sanitation problem is one of reasons one in nine children in Kenya die before age 5. Other major causes of death here are diarrhea, Hepatitis A, AIDS, and malaria.

It is not uncommon for families to spend their entire lives and never leave the slums.

Lindsey Nobles, Director of Conference, Speakers, and Social Media Fundraising for Feed The Children



The Hub has partnered with Feed the Children and a local Texas artist to create these limited edition handmade calendars. With each purchase, Feed the Children will receive ten percent to support their work in feeding over 195,000 meals per day in the Kibera slums and Kenya. Each printed calendar includes a recycled Christmas tree “stump stand” that has been wood burned with the name of a child who lives in this impoverished community and is being cared for and supported by Feed the Children every day.

There are only 500 limited edition prints, each numbered, so be sure to provide you and your family with the opportunity to enjoy each month’s artwork and pray for your child and their families.

The details:

  1. Limited to the first 500 orders, each print is numbered by the artist
  2. Order between 12/15 – 1/15, or until they are sold out
  3. Orders will ship between 10-15 days after order is placed
  4. Learn more about Feed the Children at
  5. Is this a Christmas gift? Download this PDF picture in case it won’t make it under the tree in time!
  6. See the list of children you will be supporting and praying for!

Just so you are aware of the quality and the breadth of the work that Feed The Children offer, they provide relief in Kibera in four major areas:

  • Food and Nutrition
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Health and Education
  • Livelihood Development

To learn more about Feed the Children and the amazing and real work they are involved with, please visit our friends at

order-button2Thank you from The Hub, Feed The Children and the families in Kibera for your generosity and we hope that you enjoy the 2014 Calendar Art and Prayer Calendar.


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Why Do We Call it Christmas? – Colorado Springs, CO – Recap!

CO Vischer recap pic

Special thanks to Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs, Colorado for hosting a evening of fun, Christmas truth for your community! The event was hopping with kids and parents, excited and eager to meet Phil Vischer and his new set of characters including Buck Denver, and to find out the real meaning and origin of our Christmas traditions.

During the video these families learned where the name of Christmas came from, where Santa Claus originated, and why we celebrate the birthday of our Lord and Savior on December 25th! Join us in The Woodlands, TX on 12/8, and Roseville, CA  (Free event!) on 12/15 to see for yourself!

Thanks to Phil Vischer and team for bringing such an informative and creative program to the kids! It is a blessing to work with such a great team!

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The Gospel Tour – James River Assembly, Springfield, MO — Recap!









Special thanks to everyone who made this Tour possible! Thank you James River Assembly for an amazing night of truth-teaching, life-changing, good ol’ fashion (but never outdated!) Gospel. Thank you Pastor Matt and Pastor Tullian for all the hard work, love, and dedication that goes into messages like these! Thanks to Ben Cantelon for the wonderful worship! And of course thanks to Logos Bible Software and David C. Cook!



Special shout out to all who participated in the simulcast! We know it’s not easy to fly around the country and truly appreciate you joining in for such a night as this!

We look forward to bringing you many more events like The Gospel Tour. wherever you may be, stay tuned for dynamic, trustworthy speakers, brought straight to your home, office, small group, or church community via simulcasts. Don’t forget to check out our huge online library for your favorite speakers, teachers, and authors, available anytime, anywhere you need them!

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The Gospel Tour @ Oceanside, CA – Recap!

DSC_0867 - small

We have 6 ladies from our Friday morning Bible study. We have been studying Tullian’s book “Jesus + Nothing = Everything.

DSC_0042 - small

Our small group has done one if Matt’s studies. We are thrilled that he came to Southern California.

DSC_0924 - small

DSC_0952MattJustBeforeHeWentOnStage - small

We loved both speakers. We are from a church in crisis and the Gospel message tonight helped us re-boot and shift our perspective. We heard that the Gospel is not only for evangelism but also to sustain the body of believers.

DSC_0870 - small
DSC_0969 - small

Many thanks to Matt Chandler, Tullian Tchividjian, New Venture Christian Fellowship, and all of the behind-the-scenes people who helped bring the life-changing message of The Gospel Tour to Oceanside, California.

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The Gospel Tour – Birmingham, AL – Recap!


The kickoff of the Gospel Tour at Samford University was awesome! Many people came to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ heralded. Both Tullian and Matt shared messages that not only inspired, but showed us that Jesus is the only one to bring about change. It was great to see so many people gather to hear a message of hope.

A special thanks goes out to Samford University and Beeson Divinity School for allowing us to bring a night of Gospel Truth into their midst! Also a shout out to David C. Cook for providing Matt’s new book To Live is Christ, To Die is Gain and Tullian’s new book One Way Love!

Thank you to all who attended The Gospel Tour in Birmingham. We hope you were blessed as much as we were!

If you couldn’t make it to Birmingham, there are still two stops to go! Click on the picture below to get more details!


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Tweet Treasure Hunt Giveaway!

Hunt down one of these two posts and Retweet it by 11:30 AM, Wednesday 9/18 for a chance to win Matt Chandler’s book To Live Is Christ, To Die is Gain! At noon on Wednesday, 10 Tweeters will be chosen at random to receive their free copy! Don’t miss out on this Sweet Tweet Deal!

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10 Tweeters Win This:


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