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Song of Solomon is Growing Up

I am not opposed to change, I guess, maybe just a bit slow. We are calling the Summer of 09 the Summer of Change for us here at SOS Bible Resources. We have been using a software for our backoffice that has been a home grown tool for about 10 years and have been a bit ‘held captive’ by it.

Not Anymore! With the help of two amazing dudes, Rob ‘Airborne’ Baugh and Eddie ‘EZ’ Renz we are going for it. They have both been telling me for about 18 months, blog Doug, and I have said you got to be kidding me. See, not stupid, just slow.

So, here we go. Embracing technology and how it can change our lives for the better, and like any good thing, not for the worse. You do know the definition of addiction don’t you. If a little bit of something is good, then a little bit more is better, and if a little bit more is better than a lot more is even better and so on. So, blog, tweet, face, tube and then go ride your bike outside and spend time with your homies.

So, that’s enough for now, but here we Grow at SOS and thanks for growing with us.

Bless you, Doug Hudson

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