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Bigger in Texas

“Everything is Big in Texas…”

Having lived in Texas for five years, I can attest to this statement which has become common association with the state of Texas. From its geographic boundaries, to its open skies, the state fair, and the new Cowboy stadium, Texas does everything big. Sunday November 15, 2009 promises to be no exception, as hundreds of teens gather in Austin, at Hill Country Bible Church, for the “Worth the Wait Conference.” The purpose is to engage in a constructive dialogue on the subject of healthy relationships. Our areas of focus will be attraction, dating, courtship, and intimacy.

God’s passions and purposes on the subject of healthy relationships are not new. The Scriptures, in particular the Song of Solomon, have been given to us and they affirm His desire for us to choose faith over fear, character over compromise, and beauty over destructive habits for our lives.

I’m convinced that growing and developing healthy relationships must remain at the center of our nation’s social order. In our time together, we will examine the godly character of two people, whose interactions were noble and true, so much so that God deemed it necessary to record their relationship (in full view) in the most significant book in human history. We are benefactors of their commitment to wait and their trust in God’s way . Their conversations and actions serve as a road map for us.

You may be thinking, but what is Goodie going to say and how is it going to say these things. First, I have two kids and I know how my wife and I would feel if someone carelessly worded or expressed something that was true, but did so in a way that was offensive, crass or lacking compassion.

As a Pastor and author, I have been entrusted to communicate the scriptures and have a sacred trust to present the message in a way that is relevant, honorable, true; and at the same time challenges students and offers grace to those in need (Psalm 130).

I’ve invested over half of my adult life serving young people and families; it’s been an honor to do so. November 15th however, is an investment in the future of our teens, the family unit, our community, and the communal tribe of humanity. It’s nothing short of Big! I hope to see you there.

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Trial & Error for our Kids?

From the moment Tommy Nelson and I began traveling and leading Song of Solomon conferences the quote has been, “Wow, I wished I had heard this years ago.”  Which of course means that there is some tough tuition that has been paid.

All of us have some level of scar tissue around the area of love, dating, romance and sex. Some of this is inevitable. But, do our kids have to learn the same way as we did? Or as Tommy says in the SOS Classic Series, “We all figured it out by looking at the bathroom wall at the gas station.”

Well, our kids do have a better way. They don’t have to pay the same tuition as many of us have. God’s plan for love, dating, marriage and sex is laid out in Song of Solomon.

If you live anywhere in driving distance of Austin, TX then you need to get your 6th-12th grade student or your YoungLife, Church group or any other group and come hear God’s design from Goodie Goodloe. Goodie will be teaching the Worth the Wait event on November 15, 2009 from 5:30PM – 9PM at Hill Country Bible Church.

It has always been our heart to bring God’s will and desire to light on the subject of sex so students and adults know that this is God’s gift, not the worlds. Amazing things can happen when a person connects this most passionate and volatile issue of love and sex to a Holy God. Sex is not dirty, kinky or wrong, it can be and has been for many, but this was not God’s intention. Sex was designed to be awesome, fun, intimate, sweet, tender, passionate, creative, connecting, nurturing and just fun – for married couples.

So, a question for you. If you have a junior high or high school student, how many times does the world teach your child about love/dating/sex and how often does your child hear God’s design from you/church/other christian resources?

If I can teach any person about anything 300 times a day and the opponent only teaches 1 time a day, then repetition always wins.

We must get in this battle and allow God to redeem what He created for us to enjoy.

Join us in Austin in November and learn how to talk to your children about this subject that will ultimately change their lives – for the better. This is a two-part conference with a session taught to parents and a separate session taught to students. Sign Up Today!

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Is Your Bedroom En Gedi?

In the Song of Solomon, Solomon refers to their bedroom as En Gedi. En Gedi was this picture you see just taken by Mark Driscoll on his recent trip to Israel.

So, what is En Gedi?

En-Gedi is a lush oasis in the midst of the desert wilderness on the southwestern shore of the Dead Sea. The surrounding region is hot and bleak; its dry sands extend monotonously for miles. The Dead Sea region is a salty desert covered with a dusty haze and characterized by almost unbearable heat during most of the year. The lush oasis of En-Gedi is the only sign of greenery or life for miles around. It stands out as a surprising contrast to the bleak, dry desert wilderness around it. In the midst of this bleak desert wilderness is the lush oasis in which indescribable beauty is found. The lush oasis and waterfall brings welcome relief and refreshment to the weary desert traveler. (Taken from www.bible.org)

This concept and principle in SOS and a major feature of Mark Driscoll’s presentation in Austin on October 2-3, 2009 is absolutely one of my favorites.  Every week and even everyday it seems, there may be some very difficult news, sad news, or even painful news that comes our way.  If our relationship with our spouse is one of those “difficult things” then life becomes even more stressful and hard to deal with.

Making your bedroom En Gedi is of the utmost importance.  Your bedroom is not only for intimacy, but it is for all the talking, relaxing, sharing your day, sharing your soul, resting, reading, and all of the inner soul things that we need as individuals and couples in order to experience intimacy.

Song of Solomon refers to “keeping the foxes” out of the vineyard.  What are some of the foxes that might steal true En Gedi from your bedroom?

The first ten people to post a ‘fox’ or comment will receive a free ticket to hear Mark & Grace Driscoll in Austin.  Don’t live in Austin?  Win a ticket and come to the coolest city in Texas.  Can’t do that?  Win a ticket and find a friend on Facebook who lives in Texas:) and share the ticket.

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Pastors, Christ, Critics and Praise

I just had an amazing conversation with a courageous young pastor. He said
said that after this summer he is no longer going to try and “endear”
himself to the people by entertaining them or coming up with some new
“gadget” to get their attention. Instead he wanted to teach God’s Word with
excellence and honesty.

Wow, now that is what I call courage and growth. I don’t know if there is
any more difficult role than that of the pastor, the expectation to be
perfect, then finding that the “Real You” falls short of that standard
causes guilt, shame and feelings of hypocrisy.

I have learned over the years after working with very large ministries and
small ones, that every time a pastor opens his mouth he becomes a target, a
bulls-eye. He is inviting people to either say “‘you are the greatest and
you are changing my life’, or ‘I hate you, I can’t believe you believe or
taught this, I can’t stand the music here, I can’t believe you drive that
car, why weren’t you at the hospital for my procedure” – the list is never
ending, the arrows never stop flying.

Generally each and every pastor picks a side to listen to and the results of
that become “I am the greatest” or “I am worthless.”
Neither is a good or correct result.

So, pastors out there, what say you? How have you learned to deal with this
“bar-bell” approach of praise and criticism? Lay person and church member,
how can we stop basing our response to God and His Word on the messenger and
make it about our own journey and our relationship with Him and His Word?

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Mark & Grace Driscoll Live in Austin

On October 2-3 Mark Driscoll and his wife Grace will be teaching the Live Song of Solomon Conference in Austin at Hill Country Bible Church.  Mark’s presentation of the message is honest, funny, redeeming and very practical. Here is what Kerry from Missouri said about Mark and SOS: “I found it to be incredibly informative and understandable and relatable. Oh, and he’s hilarious!”

That is just one of the 2500 folks who attended the weekend. The Song of Solomon conference is designed for college students, yes, there’s only about 40,000 of them in the area, and they all need it 🙂 and it is great for married and single adults.

To see some video clips of Mark and to register: click here.

At this location, we have the joy of having Grace join with Mark. We will have a Q & A session at the end of Friday night and at the end of Saturday morning. On Saturday Grace will be joining Mark on stage to give her perspective and share her heart on these issues.

I have been a part of over 100 Live SOS events and this is the first time we will have a wife participate on stage and give her thoughts on Song of Solomon.  We are very excited about it and know the ladies/wives attending will be totally blessed.  So great to get both a husband and wife’s perspective on these very felt needs and everyday issues.

So, get your mom or dad to watch the kids for the weekend, make a road trip out of it and come join Mark & Grace Driscoll for an inspiring and relationship changing 6 hours!

Sharing God’s Absolute Best for Love, Marriage & Sex! Come join us.


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Trading Trash for Truth!

When we launched Vintage Jesus with Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, there was a guy in that church, Al Lobania, who has a ministry with military folks overseas.

It was Al’s idea to have a contest, raise some money and send some sets of the Vintage Curriculum to military folks. These men and women are away from their families, alone a ton, miles away from anything they know, and supplied with tons of garbage to entertain them. Pornography is already a struggle for most men, then you put them miles away and lonely, and many men see their lives eaten up with it.

So, Al said, lets start sending them some truth and materials that will change their lives while they serve us and this country. So, we did just that.

Check out these photos of true men, sitting around the tiny room praying, Bibles opened, putting their trust for their lives in the Hands of God. Total greatness. A picture does paint a thousand words. This pictured humbled me. (Now, do notice the Wii race car remotes as well. The Word says we do live by The Word, but a little race car driving helps a bit)

Anyways, the Vintage series is all about learning the Basics of the Faith, but with Mark’s humor, easy going presentation and pop culture references, makes it more relatable to all of us.

So, Al, it’s a few months late, but Thank You for leading out in this effort and to all of those folks who purchased a set to send overseas to our great men and women.

Well Done.

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Philippians Webinar

View the Live Recording of Matt talking about Philippians Here.

Friends, we had a blast doing the Phil webinar. Wow, live video is so much fun and anything can happen. As many of you know the office building we were using and the entire block of buildings in Dallas had a power grid failure. Welcome to Texas Heat in the summer.

But, God reigns and made it happen. I felt like Matt did an amazing job sharing his heart and highlights of the To Live is Christ & to Die is Gain series.

The point that stands out the most to me so far in this study is that if we get everything else right, moral, legal, religious, but don’t get Jesus, love relationship with Him, we have missed the point. Matt says and asks in the series, what is the scariest verse in all the Bible, “depart from me for I never knew you.” I know some out there will think there is scare tactics or fear in that, I am not going there, I am just commenting that many of us have grown up in a ‘religious’ environment and ‘done’ church. True love, peace, purpose, and power that changes lives is when we Know Christ and He fills our lives. Then we are different. Then we can make a difference for Christ and eternity, not for a ‘religious’ group.

This study in Philippians has absolutely challenged me to know the Word better and to pray and know Christ more intimately. I don’t want ‘business as usual’ in my walk with Christ, I want to experience Him, and His power and Love.

Let’s discuss…

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Matt Chandler and Philippians

Our passion at SOS is the Bible and how it communicates God’s love and truth to us. The greatness of the Bible and God, His written down, literal word, is that it catches us wherever we are at any moment in life.

If you sense at this moment you are at the top of your game, at the lowest point in a long time, bored with life or even fulfilled at the moment, God is always relevant and ready to speak truth in your life.

Matt Chandler, Pastor of The Village in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area does an amazing job bringing the meaning of the book of Philippians to live. Our title for this series is To Live is Christ & To Die is Gain. Sound familiar? Of course, it is straight from the scriptures.

Matt starts by taking a look at the first 3 ‘characters’ mentioned in the letter. It is so important to me that when you read scripture, especially New Testament letters that you ‘get into the story.’ Remember, these are literally letters written from a person to a group of people. Of course the words and meaning are inspired directly from God, but there is personality and insight that comes from the text.

So, over the next few days or so, we will look at a profile of these 3 characters, and for fun, you can all vote on which one of these folks you and your story with Christ is most like.


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Tommy is Better than OK

Wow, last week was an interesting one. For those of us who have been blessed by the teaching of The Word by Tommy Nelson, many of you have heard already, but some  have not. Last Tuesday, July 28th about 10:10AM at Denton Bible Church, Tommy had a major heart attack. He was in a counseling appointment, which is another story, and what a day that man had, as Tommy looked at him 7 minutes in and said ‘friend, I think I am having a heart attack.’ I am surprised that guy did not have one as well.

The long and short of it all is that within 28 minutes of the 911 phone call Tommy’s blocked artery was opened and blood was flowing normally. Later that day the young CEO of the hospital and another life who had been blessed by his ministry, came by Tommy’s room and said, ‘we set a record on you today.’ That record was the 28 minutes from call to blood flow.

Tommy is feeling great and even worked out today for the first time since his heart attack, a whopping 6 days later.  Tommy and Teresa Nelson are blessed people and they know it and we are grateful and blessed that God has spared his life.

We can all learn from this struggle. Just 15 minutes prior to Tommy’s heart attack, he was riding his scooter, his gas saver and fun ride machine, to the church. He did not have his cell phone with him, which as many of you know he despises most all technology, except for treadmills and movies. Had this happened while he was on his scooter only God knows the result. But guess what, God knew and knows Tommy’s ‘result’ from the beginning of time and He is never caught off guard.

God is in control. We are not. The sooner we surrender to that the more we can Rest in Him. Tommy is resting in God’s provision and providence, just another great lesson God has taught us thru him.

We love you,
Doug Hudson

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Connor is the Man

A dear friend of ours, Connor Cruse was healed of his 5 year fight with cancer on July 10th. He was 9 years old when God healed him on ‘the other side.’

He complained of a stomach ache 5 years ago and within 6 hours of that moment his parents were told “your son has Stage 4 Neuroblastoma and will not live very long.”

Connor has fought like the most valiant of all warriors. He has encouraged more men, dads, wives, mothers, kids, pastors, elderly than I will ever dream of. He has routinely stared death in the face and said, “Have courage and believe in Jesus.”

For many of us, whether we have been rejected too many times, bored with life, given up on God, lost hope in anything truly fulfilling, Connor has represented the Great Hope of Revelation 21:4-5. God is on His Throne and will make all things new!

This is the hope that every Christian should be holding onto. This world is not our home and we should not hold onto our health or anything so tightly. This is our time to live for Christ. In Matt Chandler’s new series on Philippians, he communicates this brilliantly. Paul could say to Live is Christ, that is the only reason we are not saved and then swept away, and to Die is gain. Heaven, no tears, no pain, no cancer, no understanding how the Cruse’s could lose their son at 9 years old, none of that.

All good, all joy, all the time. Now that is worth living and dying for. Thank you God for giving us that HOPE.

Later, Doug

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